Pyronix Enforcer (v10) - Issue with exit door and zones (away/night)

25 Nov 2018
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United Arab Emirates
I have just completed programming my Pyronix Enforcer v10
5 x magnet contact/shock sensors set on downstairs windows & patio doors - A & B
2 x PIR's - upstairs and downstairs hall A only
1 x door contact on front door A & B

All programmed and working except for exit.

If I set the front door contact to input type 07 (tried 8,9 & 10 as well!) and enable for zones A & B nothing happens - the sensor does not work/trigger alarm at all.
set the front door sensor to 06 -Intruder - it works correctly so sensor OK
set the front door sensor to 07 Final Exit for zone A only -
this works correctly with exit time and entry times triggered on activation of the sensor. However this leaves the front door unmonitored in zone B (night)

This seems very strange behaviour unless I am missing something simple?
Can someone offer any advice on how to get the front door sensor active for zones A & B?
Thanks in advance
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Thanks for the comment. I wanted to rule out something silly prior to contacting support.
Everything else appears ok - tags, keyfobs etc all set up altough struggling to get the keyfob set up for panic on bottons I&II together.
I have tried just learning and naming keyfob with rest as default. Also went through progamming buttons but options are only arm, disarm, arm part, status and option about user input which I have to admit I do not umderstand. No option for HU or panic.
What have you got user programming, zone programming and is there anything in the log.

How do you want it to work away/ night set?
How is it working away/ night set?

Sparkymarka knows this panel better than me mind.
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Home - all door/window contacts set
Away - all set including PIR's

I have all inputs as zone A and only the mag contacts as B.
I will check the log in the morning although no messages/warnings on panel
Wrt to programming stating how you want each zone to function may help get the right progtpramming.

The event log should show what the the panel logs it’s doing versus what you think it should be doing.
Probably finger trouble ....did you clean start the panel before programming ?
Fob buttons should not be altered as default give you full, part , disarm , panic and status ...
How are you setting B ? Does the b button stay lit on the panel ...
A clean start was the first thing done on the panel.
I can set B with fob or pin. Either way B lights correctly while arming.

I removed the fob and re-entered leaving all as default. I+II still do not generate panic. I notice that 1+7 on the panel should generate panel if enabled. Currently they do not so do I need to enable the panic option for the keyfobs to work?
I have checked system options 2 key holdup. It was set to both. Changed it to bells but still no panic function. Checked both fob and keys 1&7 on panel.
Is it possible on the Enforcer Panel to configure the same sensor more than once?
eg Front door contact - configure as Type - 7 Final exit in Zone A and as Type - 6 Intruder in Zone B?
Yes set zone as 10 FX /ER , ONLY entry exit in full , should be full alarm in all parts
Thanks Sparkymarka. Setting Front door contact as 10-FX give me
Front door as exit/entry when zone A set
Front door as alarm when zone B set
Perfect! There was one other change I made that may have had an impact for the Front Door contact I changed the Input Area from All to Any. I haven't had a chance to verify which sorted (or both) my problem.

Only the panic on the keyfob left to sort. Learnt fob, named fob and exited leaving all settings as default - panic not working.
I set up the 1&7 panic on the keypad in case this was linked but no change.
How long are you holding the buttons down for on the fobs?

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