1. gsf600y

    pyronix enforcer - lower the volume?

    Can anyone supply me with instructions on how to lower the entry/exit volume that comes out of the main panel when entering/exiting? It's currently deafening levels, and there's no way you could come back late at night without waking up the already sleeping household. I've got the engineers...
  2. K

    Pyronix Enforcer DeltaBell X

    Recently purchased a Enforcer alarm kit 1 and also purchased a Deltabell X as I wanted it to be fully backlite unlike the Plus which looks faulty. Wanted to know if the enforcer can power the and work with the X ans if so what mode I would need to run it in. Thanks Kamy
  3. N

    Pyronix Enforcer Zone Confusion

    Hi Wondering if you can help and simplify this as Im confused about the Zones\Areas and night mode. Here are the list of sensors: Front Door Contact Back Door Contact Back Window Contact Front Window Contact Front RM PIR Extension PIR Upstairs PIR Can someone help me what Zones\Areas i need...
  4. G

    Pyronix Prox Reader - Occasional tone

    Hi all, just wondered if anyone had come across this. We have inherited an alarm system in our new house and are pretty close to having it programmed the way we want it. The alarm is an Accord XPC for which I have the manual. What I can’t find info on is the attached prox reader (used with key...
  5. A

    Pyronix Enforcer ext bell and ctrl panel problem

    Hi guys, I’m really hoping someone can help me with this My Pyronix Enforcer has stopped working properly. It began with a false alarm whilst I was out all day (pet got into living room), alarm sounded as normal - neighbour called me to let me know it was sounding. This went on for most of the...
  6. A

    Pyronix XCAM/S No UID

    Hi Folks, I have just done a self install of the Pyronix enforcer and am just setting the cameras up to the Home Control+ App and I find that my external camera does not have the UID sticker, internal camera ok. Obviously I checked everywhere to see if come adrift. Supplier suggested I ask on...
  7. K

    Cannot register new app on Pyronix Cloud

    Hi all, Had been using the Pyronix Cloud App for some time now on an iPhone 5s without any problems, until I upgraded to an iPhone 7s. I have installed the app on the new phone, and having set up the configuration I get a message to contact my system administrator before I could use the app...
  8. K

    Best way to extend Pyronix Enforcer to outbuilding

    Hi, I've got a pyronix enforcer system in the house which I'd like to extend to an outbuilding that can be set independently of the house, with its own keypad to set/unset etc. Alarm cable has been laid to the building and there is hard wiring for a PIR, door contact and internal sounder. It...
  9. F

    Connecting EUR-064 keypad to Enforcer V10 control panel - a query

    As a self-installer I'm just getting to grips with the kit & I see that the wired 064 keypad has 2 inputs. Can I use these for PIR's or door sensors when the keypad is connected to an Enforcer control panel? My confusion stems from the manual saying the Enforcer can have 66 inputs... that is...
  10. A

    Pyronix Euro 46 and smoke detectors

    Hi All, I have wired 12v smoke detectors into my Pyronix Euro 46 panel and configured then as fire in the inputs. Currently when the smoke detector triggers the alarm panel , internal speaker and external sounder all go off. Anyone know if and how I can configure the fire inputs so it doesn't...
  11. N

    Enforcer and smoke detector

    Hello, How do you configure your enforcer with smoke detectors, and particularly the bells? My issue is that false alarms on smoke detectors happen. Should i have the full bells and whistles when it does?
  12. Z

    GSM Wireless Alarm Advice - Pyronix / Visonic

    I'm looking at fitting a new alarm to my home and looking at either a Pyronix or Visonic, preferably with a GSM module, as i don't always have broadband/landline. Is there a great difference in quality between these two brands?
  13. K

    Question on ER (Area FX) for Pyronix

    Hi, Quick question: I have a front door contact set to Final Exit, and a lounge PIR set to ER (Area FX) as a route to the panel. If I open the front door the entry timer starts, and the lounge PIR detects my movement but does not trigger an alarm as expected. If the lounge PIR is triggered...
  14. D

    Pryonix installation difficulty?

    Hi all, First post here, I'm new to alarms but I've been reading up on these forums for the past week or so and I'm wondering if someone could help me a little bit. I'm about to move into a new property and I would like to install an alarm, it has to be wireless as there is zero chance of a...
  15. K

    Hardwiring Elmdene sounder to Pyronix Enforcer

    Hi, I have an old Elmdene sounder that was on the house when we moved in, and I have bought new Pyronix Enforcer-32WE panel and I'm trying to wire this up to Zone 33 on the panel. The previous panel is a Scantronic 9751 panel, there was a Tamper Return (TR) connection which corresponded to the...
  16. K

    Pyronix Zones - programming the entry routes

    Hi, I have the Enforcer panel, and have set the detectors as follows: Zone A - Downstairs detectors, inc front door entry/exit contact and Hall and Lounge PIR where I would cross to get to the panel B - Upstairs detectors C - Shed detectors I have set the front door input to 08 FX (Area ER)...
  17. greg_0ry

    Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Alarm System - GSM-KIT-1 (Line fault)

    I have installed the GSM-Kit-1 and everything is working as expected except the SMS part. I purchased a GiffGaff SIM card with £10 Top-UP and run through the setup like the one below: Programme Arc/SMS (response yes) Programme Arc/SMS calls (response yes) Arc/SMS is enabled (response yes) Arc...
  18. B

    Pyronix Enforcer Panel tone volume

    looking for some assistance with a small issue i have. i recently self installed the enforcer home control + panel, 3 PIRs, 2 door contacts, remote keypad, and delta bell. everything generally works fine, my issue is the volume of the tones from the main control panel. i have tried adjusting...
  19. K

    Help and questions on setting up wired PIRs to Pyronix Enforcer

    Hi, I have the wireless enforcer with Homecontrol+ App v2.0, and a Euro ZEM8 hardwire expander that I just bought. I have wired a pir DEOL with 4k7 alarm and 2k2 tamper and returned back to the expander. The panel recognises the pir opening and closing the circuit, but there is no response when...
  20. swishy6

    Pyronix Enforcer - Mains absent alert volume

    Hi, When the mains is removed, after a short while the panel sounds at full volume. Does anyone know how to turn this down please?