Hardwiring Elmdene sounder to Pyronix Enforcer

28 Feb 2017
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United Kingdom
Hi, I have an old Elmdene sounder that was on the house when we moved in, and I have bought new Pyronix Enforcer-32WE panel and I'm trying to wire this up to Zone 33 on the panel.

The previous panel is a Scantronic 9751 panel, there was a Tamper Return (TR) connection which corresponded to the TR connection on the sounder. Nice and easy.

In the Pyronix, however, it suggests that the Tamper circuit is created using connections 1) Z33 and 2) D1- on the panel, connected through the TWO tamper connections on the sounder, with a 2k2 resistor in series between one of the tamper connections to the negative power.

The Elmdene only has one tamper input (TR), the other tamper connection (TS) is when you link this to the TR input to a second Elmdene sounder, according to the manual. I've attached the manual and actual photo of the current connection. I'm confused how to create this tamper circuit - do I use the TS connection?

I also see a note in the attached Pyronix manual (not actually my manual but close) that the bell box needs to be in SCB mode. I also see a black wire from the -0v connector on the sounder, that isn't connected to anything, I think it should be in the Batt - connection. Does this mean that its in SCB mode if the battery is connected and can activate without power? What if the battery is dead, does this mean that it would sound?

Thanks all


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You will need a new bell box.
That unit does not have scb mode and due to the age of that bell box the battery will more than likely be fault or in poor state.
Just purchase a pyronix delta bell and connect it to your pyronix enforcer other wise you will be up and down your ladders on a regular basis
Thought that too - I have a spare ADT bell box that was going to be put on the back, will probably sell for quite a bit of money anyway so I can buy a new one. I already put a Deltabell-WE at the rear, but I still have the wiring for the front from the old bell. Would you recommend a wired version or stick with wireless?
With a wired bell box you will NOT have to keep replacing batteries.
The down side of wireless system are that you have to keep replacing batteries.Wireless bell boxes can not ring for long time period due to battery life.
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For those that search later.....

On the Elmdene sounder the 'TS' terminal is normally linked to the 'H-' terminal. It is possible to break this link by cutting the little white wire loop which is visible towards the top of the OPs first photo. You'll need to do this if you want to use two bell boxes or you want to use a different tamper circuit. However, this doesn't do anything to address the SCB/SAB problem.... unless you use an external PSU and a relay.

The black wire which can also be seen exiting next to the white loop needs to be connected to the 'BAT-' terminal in order to enable the battery backup feature.
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