Sounder Connections to 9751 Panel

11 Jun 2010
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United Kingdom
Hello, I wish to wire the following items to my scantronic 9751 panel.
2 pyronix Deltabell plus external sounders.
1 pyronix internal speaker/sounder.
Please correct me if i'm wrong but do each of the outputs (OP1-OP3) on the 9751 panel provide 500mA each?
In that case I should be able to connect 2 ex. sounders without problems.

However i'm not sure on the sounder connections for BELL & STROBE. Do they connect to OP1 & OP2?
(I will link T feed to -12v on first bellbox, then T return from bellbox one to tamper feed on bellbox 2. Finally Tamper return from bellbox2 to TR terminal on Panel).

Re; Pyronix twin alert, its an internal speaker & sounder in one unit. It has connections for 12v+ & 12V-, SPK & BELL (Neg trigger) & draws 160mA.

Can I connect SPK to LS terminal, and BELL to OP3 on panel,rather than to Ex. sounder BELL Output, as this would be overloading the bell Output. Connection this way would mean the Unit will give speaker tone on normal entry/exit, and will become sounder in event of alarm, when OP3 is energised on alarm.

Thank you
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You have a total draw of 750ma to play with.
Not enough IMHO to run all that.
Set the external sounders as this one SAB one SCB. This should allow them to operate correctly.

Outputs are 500ma total.

Output 1 is bells at default.
Output 2 is strobe at default.

LS is for that only.
You could use Output 3 for the bell side but the current draw is getting high again.
Work it out in total see what it is.
If it looks okay assemble on a test bench, or spare room and build it individually and check with a multimeter at each stage set to DC Ma.
Thanks for your quick reply Alarm. You've cleared up some of the questions, I now know the connections for the BELL & STROBE. I'LL set sounder 1 on SAB & second on SCB.

Total Draw would be a 760mA, with 2 ex. sounders & 1 internal one in full alarm mode (300mA + 300mA + 160mA). I agree, it will be too much.
Can I ask how you got 750mA max from the panel?

What if I connect the twin alert just as a internal speaker for EE tones only. its quiescent current draw is 30mA, so no where near the 160mA when used as a sounder.
Would this then just be 2 wires to LS & + terminal on the panel.

The panel has a certain amount of power to supply as well as have to charge the battery.
If you have access to the full manuals or Cooper Security site the information is there for the parameters.

Ls and +ve will do for the EE tones. Also keep the consumption down.
2 wires as mentioned, but alo use a tamper making 2 pair.
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Thanks again, yes I've got the tampers wired up on the speaker.

If i decide to only use one external sounder as "live" and second one as Dummy, (with just LED flashing & stobe on alarm)for visual deterrent, then do I still connect all terminals & ignore the BELL connection on 2nd sounder?
(Originally the idea was one Live & Dummy for the rear, however could not find one with wired flashing LEDs so went for second Live box).

Thanks for you assistance, much appreciated.
Not used those sounders for donkeys.
I`m prety sure you can SCB them as in when triggerd they run off their internal battery not draw power from the panel.

Just checked and they are still the same, so easy to do.
Should be in the instructions provided, please understand I cannot give links to a trade site.

A waste not to use them the way you mention, set up the sab/scb units, much better.

And glad to help someone who is polite and asking sensible questions, it is a rareity here.

Hi, Fully understand your position, im grateful at least you've been able to help me out, :) cos I have wired everthing else (staright foward) but was stuck with the bellboxes/ sounder connections.

I'll go with what you've advised, one box on SAB & the other on SCB & both Live.

Thank you for your time, very grateful

Kindest regards.
Glad to assist.

Anyother issues, you know where we are ( others help too :p)

Happy New Yr.

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