Problem with External PSU connection to Scan. 9571 panel

get it, so for the panel to monitor the status of the psu, a circuit is necessary. Cool, understood now. Well I'LL crack on & see how i get on.
Thanks again
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Better much better, Your taking the reference to the panel from the psu direct not from the relay I assume, if so thats fine.

No need to say sorry either, we have all been there. Everyone has to learn.

Good luck with the rest and plese do let us all know how you got on, or even if you have another question.


Hello Alarm, hope you well, just to let you know that the whole install is complete & all went well! (;). I wired the relays as per your instructions & it all works a treat! Also I managed to trace the DC AUX fail to a PIR upstairs, using your method of connecting one detector at a time.
Thank you very much for sharing your expertise,I've learn't heaps from the kind chaps on this forum offering their time & knowledge.

One qn before I go, I have Menvier SD1+ hooked up to the system, all works well whenever the outputs are triggered, but when it dials out, it 'miss calls' the recipient, and they are not able to answer their phones nor acknowledge the call, as it only rings once & hangs up. It then repeats the cycle 2 more times.
Am I missing something? The Dialler is Hardwired into a BT socket, & the house has Sky broadband internet coming through the line.
Do you think adding a hardwire B/B filter such as this one will cure it?

Thanks & regards
check the programming of the SD1,
also i have a couple out there on ADSL lines with filters and some without, it depends sometimes as to whether they work or not.!!

so check the programming and install a filter, if it does not then work, send it back!!!

and get a new one

As Oaisis says really, nothing more to comment.

Apart from well done in getting thus far.
Also many thanks for your kind words and getting back to us on here.
It really is appreciated.


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Hello guys, thanks for the advice, I'LL first try the B/B filter and see how its goes.
If that doesn't work I'LL send it back!

Thank you gain :)
right, got the filter, its a hardwired model made by pressac, where is the best place to fit it, as close to the bt nt5e master socket, or can it be futher down the line. (I know about the legalities of messing about with the nt5e so I'm not touching that).
I was hoping to fit it after a juction box, on the extension cable going directly to the sd1+.
Will this affect the the dialler performance? cos the signal between the BT master & Hardwired filter will still be unfiltered.
hope that makes sense.
Just a thought, not having to have to dial a prefix to get a line?
But try the filter if not.


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