Pyronix Deltabell-WE using a 12v PSU

3 Aug 2005
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United Kingdom
I've got a fully installed and working Pyronix Enforcer system using the wireless combo kit. for the main house external bell box though I added an extra wired Deltabox with backlighting.

The original Wireless bell box is just used indoors as a remote internal sounder.

All has been good for a couple of years but I'm now wondering what happens when the two batteries (BATT-ES1) are going to need replacing. They are very expensive!

The Deltabell-WE which I have does have 12v PSU connections but the manual appears to say that even if you use a PSU you also need the batteries in place. This doesn't make any sense to me.

Does anyone know for sure, if I can reliably use a PSU in place of the pair of very expensive batteries? If not I can simply delete it from the system and bin it.
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Batteries for this unit are less than £20 .....if you use a psu the batteries are only used as a back up ....but it needs the batteries as it will report low battery at some stage if not fitted ...
Many thanks for the reply. A battery is just under £20 but there are two of them. It’s not worth £40 every time just for an internal sounder.

If I get round to it I may try replacing the batteries with a 3v power supply.
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on the new WE-Siren ,there is no 12Vin terminal....its battery only
They put it back on in November ....12v ( 13.80) dc only ....old one took ac aswell

Would someone mind confirming via Pyronix that the old one definitely needs battery as well if you use the power supply. Seems an odd way to build it?
No it's not ....a hardwired bellbox has a battery ....unless you fit a power supply with a battery back up it's not going to work in a power cut ...

Now you put it like that it makes perfect sense. I’d forgotten that mine is really meant to go outside.

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