Pyronix Deltabell compatibility

11 Nov 2009
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United Kingdom
I have a system dating back to early 2000's with an Accenta G3 panel and a Lynteck Vortex bell box. The LEDs are failing on the box and I've got a Pyronix Deltabell to fit ( with backlighting) I believe there are 5 wires feeding the box Hold +, Hold- , TG- , STB- and Return. The Deltabell has connections T , STB, Bell, 12v + and -. Could anyone tell me how to swap the wires over? Do I need to fit a link between T and 12v- ? Also do I need a resistor between Bell and 12v+ on the panel? I think I may be out of my depth here and would appreciate any help
Many thanks
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Hold+ = 12volt +
Hold- = OV
Return = T
You will need to put a wire link from the OV - to the other T on the pc
TG = Bell
These are the connections to swap over the bell box
You will also need to put the little black jumper on int batt
If all ok hit thanks
why do folk make things harder than they need to be, fit like for like systems and save any confusion.
Handymanjo, do I need to fit one of the resistors to the panel?
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You don't need any resistors unless you have a grade three bell box and your monitoring the fault output as far as I can see.
Thanks, I'll have a crack at it in the week. I know the system is antiquated but it's good enough for my needs.
My Reson8 bell box (connected to Accenta Optima G3 panel) has failed, as far as I can see the Reson8 bell box has been discontinued. I have purchased a Pyronix Deltabell Plus and have found various threads on this forum showing how to wire it up. With the Reson8 the strobe flashed and the speaker sounded momentarily when we exited and pressed the "Press to Set" button. Will the Deltabell work the same as it is important that we know the alarm is set when leaving.
Take photo of old bell box wiring before you change unit. Also that photo at panel end too. If you then have a problem this will make it easier to resolve.
Thank you for your prompt reply, I will take photos as you suggest. I will be waiting until the weather gets warmer before attempting the replacement, I am fairly confident but may need some help later.
Wired up my Pyronix Deltabell Plus bell box to my Accenta G3 over the weekend and all seems to be working well, except, I wanted it to flash and beep when I pressed my "Push to set" button when I leave the premises. The alarm seems to set but I do not get an audible or visible indication from the bell box. Can the Pyronix Deltabell be wired or programmed to do this as the old Reson8 box did? I would be grateful of any advice.

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