Brand new - Can anyone please help me. Pyroix enforcer

8 Jul 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I had an alarm professionally installed. However the company has gone bust.

Things have worked fine for 6 months however today, (you know how computers are, work fine, change nowt, then next day doest work :-/ ) I cannot log in through the app on my iphone.

My usuaal way of working is goto app on my iphone. Put in the password and can gain access to app.

Now I put in correct password and usercode and get the following

"ACCESS DENIED - Before you can access this app, it needs to be authorised on the PyronixCloud. Please contact your administrator. "

I must say I dont have an anything cloud never mind a pyronix one. Why do I suddenly need one? Where the hell would it be? In space? On my enforcer? On my phone? In the sky? Seriously, where do you even start too look for a cloud.

Im about as untechnical as you can get. Reluctantly came kicking and screaming from my Nokia snake phone just so I could have the app for this alarm what I admit is great from seeing house and such when away from home.

Many thanks to anyone who replies.

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You can check the app log in details from control panel are correct.
D code number
Press no 5 times
Set up app data
Press yes
Use app yes
System I'd will be displayed
Keep pressing yes checking details as you go
Back to set up app press A
Now go into app on your phone and check
That app pass word is correct.
If user code and app password are correct then you should be able to log in.
What app are you using ?
I'd guess that the alarm was registered with the installer's cloud account with Pyronix
When they went bust and no longer paid P the annual fee then P removed access from all the installer's alarms

I've got one which I installed myself and my cloud account with P is just like a normal online account which I can log in with my username and password - obviously I've only one alarm system on it but I'd guess an installer can look at all their alarm system registered under his name.
I think I pay something like £36 annual fee to P for the online access and notification via app facility to my smart phone of events. I can via the online interface adjust what "events" I want notification of.
@Handymanjo Hi mate. Thanks so much for the detailed instructions. I learned alot just from going through what you said to do. I can confirm everything is correct so thats great as its still a step forward.

@xm77 Hi there, yes this sounds like it could be the issue, Like I say I didn't change anything so something seems to have changed there end.

See I thought the system worked this way. Enforcer is linked to my wifi. And that just sends the messages from the enforcer to my phone? No, I see no reason (Other than financial gain for Pyronix) to need any sort of cloud?

Like you I only have the one system. (My country mansion has its own privater security force haha)

Do I need a cloud. If I do could you be so kind as to send me a link so I can set this up and rid myself of £36

Thanks to both of you. Being my first post and all. Its nice to know some folk happy to help others out.
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You may have to contact pyronix to have it disassociated from the previous cloud account , they may or not release it !
No it can't work that way because the enforcer station has no sim card in it to send the message to your phone's app when you are out of range of your home wifi
The enforcer has a wifi card in it only to communicate with a local broadband connection
So the enforcer base station connects to and uses your wifi to send its messages though your house's broadband connection to Pryonix central computers and then the central computers send out the event notification (if enabled in your online/cloud account) to your phone. You phone could be anywhere in the world and so has to get the messages via a 3/4G data connection.

I'm sure its in the manuals somewhere how to register a new unit
I've no idea anymore (having done it a few years back) how to register a unit with pyronix and your problem is that your unit with its serial number is already registered and locked to your bust installer's account so may need de-registering.
You get the first year free and then as I recall its £36 each year
This is the link I use to login which has a "register"
You won’t get it free as it’s already had it’s free year , what happens is you set up the cloud account , you add the panel ID and it’s going to say it’s already registered to another account , there is a option to have it removed from that account
@xm77 Thanks mate for the explanation. Yeah that makes sense now. Im thinking my router is going to tell me where ever I am and of course it cant.


Hi mate

QUOTE You won’t get it free as it’s already had it’s free year , what happens is you set up the cloud account , you add the panel ID and it’s going to say it’s already registered to another account , there is a option to have it removed from that account UNQUOTE

Could you be a gem and talk me through how I make a start with that. The deregistering and such. Like I say I am a deliberate techno illiterate. Not on any social media or anything. I live as much as I can off the grid as it were and find things like this a struggle.

Thanks to both of you for the replies
Just thought of something else....
If it was all put in by an installer you the OP will probably not have got either the programming manual or more importantly the engineer's code.
You will have the user codes plus (I hope) the master manager code which allows you to add and remove user codes, key fobs, RFID tags.
However without the engineers code to set up and modify the system, add and remove faulty detectors you are going to be a bit stumped going forward.
I can't remember if you need to go into the engineers menu with the engineer's code to set up the system to connect to your online account.

Indeed your scenario of the installer going bust and we the users then not having ALL the codes for the systems they have installed has always been the reason I shy away from "installation by others" - OK I agree it helps that I'm IT literate and an engineer by training. Generally the engineers code are not given to the users by the alarm company to stop the users mucking up the system by 'fiddling' with it.

You might end up having to go to another alarm company to fix it as they will have a way of totally resetting the board to square one and starting again even without the codes.
1. if you installer went bust, you can register with pyronix directly or via another installer.
2. Not all installers will take you on unless your under contract.
3. If your installer has gone bust and the system is registered under the installer, you need to raise a support ticket with pyronix and supply the system ID. See @Handymanjo post on how to look at that info.

If there is no response, within two weeks the system is released, its possible if they are aware of the installer going bust you may be able to get it released much faster.
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