1. K

    Pyronix Enforcer V11 Upgrade Kit

    Hi everyone I am upgrading my Enforcer from V9.51 to V11 using the Pyronix Enforcer V11 upgrade kit, which comes with a new PCB and associated kit in the box. I notice that a new power cable that goes from the PSU to the front panel is included in the box, and this has an additional flylead on...
  2. R

    Pyronix Enforcer - Vodafone TAP SMS alternative

    Hi, Sorry if this has been discussed already. I have a 2015 enforcer running I think V9 with a hardwired cable to my landline. When triggered the alarm would dial up 07758 49993 and I would receive a text. This now says ARC Call Fail and I believe the service was recently switched off...
  3. C

    Enforcer V10 alarm Active Faults, Restore Required

    Hello, My alarm is displaying a flashing yellow triangle, when I put in my code on the panel, it says Active Faults, Restore Required. Any ideas what has caused it? I have had an electrician here today, not sure if it’s related or not. Does anybody know how I fix this? Or do I need an engineer...
  4. eveares

    Pyronix Enforcer v10 - Wi-Fi and GPRS at same time?

    With the Pyronix Enforcer WE v10 panel, I know it comes with Wi-Fi built in as standard, but if you get the GPRS SIM module, does it replace the "built in" Wi-Fi module or is it in addition to it? I.e. can you install the GPRS module in addition to what it comes with OR would you need the v11...
  5. F

    Pyronix Enforcer - disable specific motion detector?

    Hi all, I recently moved into a new rented property that has had an Enforcer alarm fitted by a previous tenant. We have keyfobs that seem to work to set and disable the alarm so that's good, what we don't have (and neither it seems does the property management agency) is any sort of PIN code in...
  6. C

    Can anyone tell me how I know what Pyronix Key Forb I have pls

    Hi, I keep buying batteries for me forb but none of them fit. I am starting to think there must be many different versions. However my forb doesn't have any distinguishing marks, even when I open the flap at the back to replace the battery. Are there different version? If so how do you...
  7. C

    Anyone explain how to get my enforcer to send my phone messages pls

    Hi, As per the title, can anyone explain how to get my enforcer to send my phone messages pls IE armed, if there is an activation etc Regards
  8. C

    Enforcer - Anyone know how to stop sensor from beeping?

    Hi, Enforcer was set up so when the sensor on outhouse is triggered it beeps on enforcer panel. Id like to change that. Anyone know how please? Regards, Mark
  9. C

    Brand new - Can anyone please help me. Pyroix enforcer

    Hi all, I had an alarm professionally installed. However the company has gone bust. Things have worked fine for 6 months however today, (you know how computers are, work fine, change nowt, then next day doest work :-/ ) I cannot log in through the app on my iphone. My usuaal way of...
  10. J

    Enforcer alarm door replaced - door contact now showing open

    Hi can anyone help, had our front door replaced, door contact was pulled off which triggered a tamper. Tapped in code to cancel the sounding alarm. The door contact was fitted back to the new door as it was, however we are left with a yellow warning flashing on the panel and can’t get rid of...
  11. H

    Pyronix Enforcer & Deltabell

    Hi all, Losing my mind a little, I’ve got a pyronix enforcer alarm system and a deltabell external sounder. I have lights etc on the box however when I run a siren test from the control I’m not getting anything. On the panel my outputs are 14 strobe and 16 bell...is there something I’ve...
  12. Adam G.

    Pyronix Enforcer Alarm Help

    Hi all, New member here and in dire need of help with my alarm. I have set it all up myself and has been working perfectly fine for years, however I now have the added complexity of having a dog in the house.... When we leave her alone in the house (downstairs kitchen and lounge have PIRS) she...
  13. Mb90

    Pyronix Enforcer Battery Issue

    Hi, We've had a pyronix enforcer alarm for around 3 and a half years. Not sure on model. Last month it came up with wireless batt fault so i replaced them all with cr123a and the problem went away. This morning we were woken by the same fault. Other than the obvious - one of the new...
  14. P

    Pyronix Enforcer

    Hi all, New here and Looking for some help if possible. i have a current (but dated) working alarm with 4 wired pirs, wired bell and wired door contact but need 2 new pirs that can’t get wires to. All wiring working and in very good condition. Having a pyronix enforcer fitted (want an app based...
  15. S

    Pyronix Enforcer Keypad Menu (display blank)

    Exploring my Enforcer I came across the Key Pad Menu.. The menu goes like this: Language Zone Status Keyclick Vol Master Vol Tag ID Factory Reset(----) Backlight Force PA/Fire Timer Address (00) I was trying to factory reset the system so I could set this up from scratch. I entered the...
  16. DerekPCB

    Pyronix Enforcer v10 Siren Battery

    The battery on the Deltabell siren box outside my property has gone, and I need to replace it. The siren is intermittently sounding, I assume because the battery is low and causing fluctuations. I just wanted to ask someone whose replaced the battery how easy is it to do? I need to go up a...
  17. L

    Pyronix Enforcer V10 kit 5

    Please help...we are trying to install and set up the enforcer v10. We have a bungalow with one entrance/exit door which we are trying to add the sensor to. We also have the external bell which needs to be connected/learned. Then we have 4 vibration window sensors. We have only attached the door...
  18. D

    Reed Switch Gap

    Hi I’m fitting a wireless (enforcer) system to a house that has various styles of Upvc windows and doors. I have bought shock sensors for the windows. The sensors also have a reed switch function that I’d like to use on some of the windows. The problem I have is that some of the window frame...
  19. D

    Pyronix enforcer newbie

    Hi all I’m not new to alarms, having installed many texecom (hard wired) veritas products in the past, but the Pyronix enforcer V.10 (wireless) totally has me stumped. Really confused regarding levels, zones and areas. Everything is installed, as in devices learned, signal strength test ok...
  20. C

    Pyronixs enforcer - Siren wireless poll fail on a regular basis.

    Hi, Less than a year ago I installed a pyronix enforcer into my house, with a few sensors and a wireless siren externally. Recently, the alarm has been randomly sounding internally with an alert to say that "Wrls Poll Fail - Siren 1". The siren hasn't sounded for any long periods of time...