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28 Sep 2019
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United Kingdom
Hi all
I’m not new to alarms, having installed many texecom (hard wired) veritas products in the past, but the Pyronix enforcer V.10 (wireless) totally has me stumped. Really confused regarding levels, zones and areas. Everything is installed, as in devices learned, signal strength test ok, etc... etc... but struggling with assigning inputs.

My system is set up as follows :

Front Door contact and wireless arming station in hall (main unit in cupboard upstairs)
Passive in dining (off hall)
Passive, and shock sensor in study (off dining)
Passive, back door contact and shock sensor in kitchen (off dining)
Passive, French Door in lounge (off hall)
Shock sensors and door contact in conservatory (off lounge)

I’m worried about cat setting off passives, so wanted to be able to exclude them (if necessary)

Also looking to exclude shock sensors in conservatory if required.

Initially I was going to assign door contacts to A, passives to B and shock sensors to C

I was also toying with the idea of having an outdoor passive on D

I also have 2 keyfobs and numerous proximity sensors

I’ve read the manual from cover to cover, and read countless posts on here, but I’m really confused. Can anybody please help me? Any help would be great fully received.

The system is almost there... but not quite right....
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A all devices
B all devices except what you want off in B
Ect eg
A all on
B all on except landing ( night set )
C all on except kitchen off ( cat in kitchen )
So eg ... kitchen would have A, B
So eg ... landing would have A, C
Thank you for swift response Sparkymarka. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to my post. You are a star! I’ll give your tips a try, and let you know how I get on. Cheers mate
Still a tad bit confused....

Texecom systems give an option of full or part set. When I arm the enforcer all lights come on ABCD do I select B to turn off zone B?


A - All devices
B - All devices except PIRs
C - All devices except Shock Sensors
D - All devices except Outside PIRs

If the above is required, are the following correct areas to assign to devices?

Reed Switch’s [ABCD)
Shock Sensors [AB D]
Outside PIR [ABC ]

Would it be possible to arm system with shocks off and outside pir (i.e if it was windy) and what areas would need to be allocated to devices?

All help, greatly appreciated
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I have a similar issue, self installed and work fine.

Originally all sensors in area A only and set via back door as entry exit.

What I want to do is have all sensors armed in area B apart from landing PIR, I went back into the sensors and added the ones I wanted to area AB

However when I setup a new user for night set by keypad only the A option is lit and I have no ability to set area B on it's own.

Any ideas why it would do this?

No user can add zone B it just doesn't light up.

I can set using keypad but only A is shown rest are done using keyfobs

Any more specific ideas or should I call Pyronix?
Being a wireless novice, I had similar problem with my wireless keypad. Did you choose the option to Set/Unset in B? I just set ABCD in Set/Unset and it seems ok now.
It on the main keypad, where is that setting for yours (engineer or master user?)

Thanks for help BTW
Ahhh found it under users and it is set to set/unset

The problem I'm having is that when you can choose areas (ABCD) that the user can set/unset only the A area lights red and I'm unable to deselect A and choose B which is my night home areas.

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