1. J

    Rangemaster 110 Ovens not lighting.

    Hi. The oven on my 110 continued to spark when lit. Switched it off and tried to light again. It now sparks but doesn't light. Tried the other oven and exactly the same thing. Continued to spark when lit and after switching off would not light at all but does spark. Any ideas please?
  2. F

    Rangemaster 110 DF Front Facia Wiring

    Hi - does anyone by any chance have a photo of the wiring for a Rangemaster 110 front facia panel, particularly the indicator lights and thermostat area (cooker was bought in 2005)? We've had to replace ours today (fire damage) and I think looking at it the wiring isn't right. There should be...
  3. Tam74110

    Rangemaster 90 grill door locked

    The grill door on our Rangemaster 90 is locked. Any suggestions on how to unlock it.
  4. Johnd1881

    Rangemaster - oven element replacement

    Hi all, I'm in need of some help. I've gone to replace the main oven heating element in my cooker (which I've done on previous cookers). But it would seems one of the 3 wires (blue one) that connects to the element has fallen back through the hole. I've tried and tried to retrieve it but no...
  5. Ithinkibrokeit

    Rangemaster hob troubles

    Just moved into a new house and I'm having a few problems with my Rangemaster Toledo FS hob 1. My wok burner igition won't spark. I fitted a new one but that's not sparking either. (The other 4 burners spark) 2. Two of the burners keep going out when the gas is set to low. 3. I have unscrew...
  6. Hayleym86

    Installing new clock on rangemaster

    Hi, I have inherited a rangemaster Toledo 110 gas. I was having issues with the clock. The buttons were all jammed in and bent up. So when the oven went into auto mode I was unable to return to manual and my gas ovens were locked off. After a few days the clock then just died. I've ordered a...
  7. M

    RangeMaster Toledo - fusing house lights

    Hi. Toledo is c 4 years old. Developed issue recently where as soon as you turned the control knob on conventional oven it fused the house light ont eh same circuit. Resetting fuses was OK for a short while but then went again. Further reset seemed ok but ended up with oven not being able to...
  8. Neil Allen

    Rangemaster 110 Cooker Hood - Screeching Noise From Fan

    Hi, just moved house and discovered the cooker hood makes a horrible noise when the fan is switched on. I've removed all the filters and grill over the fan. The fan spins although I have seen it stop and then continue. The noise on occasion will briefly stop. There seems to be a fair bit of...