1. L

    Rayburn 480AG gas burner

    Please could anybody advise us? We have an old Rayburn 480AG that requires a new cooker burner, however Aga say this part is now obsolete and basically said to get a new one(!!). I managed to locate a secondhand one on eBay but the only local engineer I’ve managed to find in West Sussex says I...
  2. G

    Rayburn 480K heating on even with timer set to off

    Hi - looking for some pointers. We have a Rayburn 480K with a Honeywell timer/control unit. Today the heating has been on non-stop - room stay is not calling for heat, and even with control unit setting to off the Rayburn is still firing up. I’m assuming a wiring issue - but grateful for any...
  3. M

    Help Rayburn Air lock

    I have a Rayburn connected to hot water cylinder indirect with radiators which turn on when at certain temperature. The system has been working for many years with no issues, but when I drain the system I get an air lock which sometime sorts itself out when the temperature gets to 90 deg. I...
  4. C

    High Temperature Stat Rayburn Range

    I have Rayburn XT range PF model. There’s a fault and I thinks it’s the high temperature stat. The service manual says there is a manual reset button on this stat. There is a small bolt with a plus and minus symbol. Has anyone come across this and is the bolt the reset it just a setting.
  5. S

    Rayburn 380G (Gas) Pump running continuously - help!

    Advice please? I have just moved in to a house and have a Rayburn 380G (Gas) and the Pump is running continuously whether the hot water & central heating are on or not. the only way to stop it is by switching off the whole system electrics...not useful as then no Rayburn!! or hot water or...
  6. S

    Rayburn 600k not firing when hot

    Hi all, We installed a second hand Rayburn 600k a couple of years ago - yes, I'm afraid it was a bit of a lifestyle statement but SWMBO wanted one, so there it is. Anyway, a while ago it started misbehaving: it would fire up OK, but once up to temperature, it would switch off - as it should -...
  7. S

    Can you identify this Oil range cooker?

    Hi Folks, We’re in the process of moving homes (or should that be projects! :D). The new place has an oil fired range cooker - photo below. We’ve been told it’s a Rayburn but I can’t find any online that look the same. There are no identifying marks I can see anywhere. As far as I know it...
  8. Bobby Sharp

    Bleeding Rayburn 480k

    Bleeding Rayburn 480 Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help with regards to bleeding a 480k Rayburn. We run out of oil and after refilling now have air stopping oil feeding into the Rayburn. I have looked through the manual and have an idea how to do this but wondered if anyone had a step by...
  9. J

    Short cycling Rayburn boiler

    I have a problem with my boiler, a Rayburn 480ag (gas fired), which is short cycling. From cold it will burn continuously for 10 to 15 minutes until the boiler thermostat turns it off. It is off for just 30 seconds before firing up again, running for 30 secs, turning off again, etc, etc. It may...
  10. swishy6

    Gravity Check Valve (plus some Solid Fuel Heating questions)

    Hi, I'm trying to get my head around what's required to install a semi pumped system with a Rayburn Royal. I'm likely going to fit a high output boiler into it for a start, in case someone pipes up with "forget it" :rolleyes: I've got a garage full of logs and some, plus a Rayburn in there...
  11. J

    Rayburn 355sfw Heating; removal of fire bricks

    Hi all We have recently installed a second (at least third) hand rayburn 355sfw and I am getting to grips with efficiently heating the rads. On re-reading the user manual it suggests removing the boiler side and back firebricks for winter heating use. I have done this but the bricks have broken...