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    Honeywell to Hive Thermostat Mini

    I’ve just bought the Hive Mini and I’m trying to switch the receivers My current one is a Honeywell wired up as seen here…. Can some please tell me where exactly each wire goes in the hive receiver as that is marked N L 1234 not NLL ABC Thank you
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    Salus RT500bc not sending signal please help we are cold

    Suddenly the thermostat has stopped sending signal to put the heating on. I’ve tried changing the batteries.. The red light is flashing on the receiver and on auto. I’ve tried turning everything on and off again . Its not kicking in when I turn the temperature up on the thermostat the flame...
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    Changing from Nest to Hive

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to change from Nest to Hive. I've read a few posts already (this one in particular was helpful) and I'm fairly confident I've got it right in my head, but a few things I want to check if you could help. Bit of background - we moved into a house with a system boiler...
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    Replacing Siemens RCR10 receiver with a Hive

    Old Siemens reciever New Hive I wired this up yesterday but no lights came on at all, checked the wiring and it all looks fine, figured it was a faulty receiver but not sure. One thing I'm thinking is that I know the siemens...
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    Hive Installation Help

    Hi all, Hopefully you can help me with what seems a simple wiring task. I have just purchased the Hive kit and am trying to replace the existing Siemens Landis & Staefa RAA02.1N thermostat with the new Hive Receiver. There are just 2 wires and an earth wired up and it useds the following...
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    Replacement Wireless Thermostat Wiring

    I am replacing my old RF thermostat (Tower RF-205) with a Heatmiser RF-Switch but just wanted confirmation on the wiring. The old thermostat has 4 terminals. Live and Neutral I'm happy with but for some reason they have labelled the other two Out 1 and Out 2. The new receiver has a ton of...
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    Hi All newbie so go easy please I’ve got a focus estate 2007 ex police dog van, When bought car only came with standard key the car has central locking I got the a key smith to cut and code/programme a new key and fob but when he tried to sync to the car thru the usual sync method it wouldn’t...
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    Honeywell Analog stat, UP2 Programmer and Ideal Conventional Boiler to Hive

    Hi all hoping you guys can help and apologies if I ask any obvious questions or what's been asked before. I have an ideal conventional boiler with a Honeywell Analog stat, a hot water tank upstairs with a UP2 British gas programmer by the tank. Bought a Hive 2 and the electrician has replaced...
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    Salus rt500rf receiver faulty - red light but no green light

    Hello, complete novice here.. after doing some searching I found an old post which has alerted me to the fact that the problem with my boiler not responding to the salus rt500rf thermostat display monitor is most likely the receiver, as it is displaying the red light (& is therefore receiving...
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    IDEAL ICOS HE18 - not responding

    My Honeywell room thermostat is wall mounted and wireless and on occasion if I wish to over-ride or boost the central heating outside of the normal settings the signal doesn't always seem to be picked up by the boiler. Is the 'receiver' within the boiler? Neither I nor my plumber or electrician...