1. R

    Damp patch running length of upstairs bedroom ceiling. Roof issue?

    I've recently has a damp patch appear along the length of a bedroom ceiling by the outside wall (following some bad weather - Peterborough area). A roofing company has come out and recommended the following, but I'm not sure it's right & would appreciate people opinions. They've recommended...
  2. Rob broom

    Mortar mix for Ridge Tiles and Verge's

    Hi there. Can anyone give me any tips on installing Rounded Ridge tiles to my new build please? I've heard that its better to use sharp sand. Can anyone confirm the mortar mix ratio and any additives? How do you pack underneath the gaps/joins to ensure mortar doesn't drop endlessly onto the...
  3. D

    Ridge tile - mortar bed along full length each side?

    Marley modern conc. slates (large flat interlocking 420x290). Are the ridge tiles supposed to be bedded on mortar full length each side as well as ends? I had to take a load off to replace slates and they were bedded/pointed at the ends but apart from that no mortar along most of each side?
  4. D

    Ridge tile (Marley Modern) - correct ration mortar mix? How much mortar?

    Are ridge tiles supposed to be bedded on mortar along the sides or is just the vertical bit at the ends supposed to be grouted? I do have some on mortar along the long sides, at one end of the house but I suspect that was to bring them up level with the rest. Also, should so much mortar be used...
  5. S

    Fix roof ridge tile to fill gaps

    Hello, I noticed some pretty large gaps in our roof in one of the roof tiles, which was recently repaired a couple of years ago. Please see photo. I was considering getting a roofer out to fix it but then I'm thinking it might be possible for me to do this myself as the tiles look fine, it's...
  6. C

    Ridge problems

    Morning. I've stripped the rear of my roof this week and re-felted and battened it. I now have a bit of a problem with the over hang on the apex. It seems as though the apex wall has moved out as I had a 25mm gap between my tiles before. Now there all back on I don't seem to have any overhang at...
  7. B

    Knowing where the soffit stops and epdm

    Hi, Can anyone show me an image of how the framing of the fascia and soffit should meet the pitched roof. I've been told by neighbour builder that the fascia and soffit should go all the way into the roof and then lead all over that. Fact is there is an internal gable wall stopping that and it...