1. S


    Hi all, Hoping for a little bit help. I am installing a wired home network in my house and I have used some cat5e and some cat6 cable I got for free. Some of it is shielded and some not purely because that it was I had. I am a the point where I am about to start fitting the RJ45 connectors and...
  2. I

    RJ45 Data Socket Question

    I want to add an RJ45 socket upstairs and run a cat6 cable from my BT Smart Hub downstairs to this new socket. Could anyone advise if this socket will be compatible with cat6 cable...
  3. eveares

    Upgrade to 6U Data Cabinet- New Patch Panel.

    Just a couple of photos of the 24 Port Coupler CAT 6 Patch Panel that I have just fitted inside my 6U Data cabinet what is located inside my hallway's cupboard. Only paid £33 inc VAT for the patch panel. :D 24 Port CAT 6 Patch Panel and 22 x 0.5m CAT6 Patch cables by eveares posted 16 Feb...
  4. G

    Want to wire home with Cat 5e: Questions from DIY noob

    Hi, I have just purchased a 2 level 4 bedroom detached house, built around 1990, and I would like to install a couple of RJ45 flush fitted face plates in order to neatly network my home. Obviously, I have Wi-Fi, but for streaming video and file server applications, you can't beat a wired...