sash windows

  1. F

    Sash Windows - Noise Insulation

    I have some wooden sash windows at the front of my property, single pane of glass, no double glazing. You can see an example of one here: They used to have separate secondary glazing (fitted in the 90s) but it looked awful and made cleaning the windows very difficult. Its a listed building so...
  2. J

    uPVC Sash Windows not closing properly

    Hi, I've got an issue with a uPVC sash window that won't lock on one side. I think the issue is that the two windows aren't lining up: the top window is lower on one side which means the lock on this side doesn't work. Has anyone else had this problem before? Is it something for a...
  3. M

    Coloured Ecoslide/Roseview PVC sash windows

    Hi there I'm looking into getting some uPVC sashes to replace old timber ones. Because I'm in a conversation zone - these will be Roseview at the front, and then Ecoslide at the rear. I'd like to have the anthracite painted versions - my current sashes are dark and I prefer this to white. But...
  4. wilco88

    Replacing single glazing in timber sash and case windows

    I want to install double glazing to my single glazed timber sash and case windows. I realize that is possible to do this by simply adding a new sash with a double glazed unit, however my question is: Is it possible to install double glazed units of glass in between the existing muntins? My...
  5. D

    Sash window replacement

    Hi, I have recently moved to a house that has 24 large timber sash windows (example being biggest window 2.8m x 2.6m in three sash’s) that are in various states of repair. Many painted shut, some frames cut to include vents, the odd half replacement, cracked glass etc etc. One option is totally...
  6. Wooden Sash Window

    Wooden Sash Window

    Manufactured and installed by The Sash Window Workshop
  7. Sash Window London

    Sash Window London

    Manufactured and installed by The Sash Window Workshop
  8. Curved Sash Window

    Curved Sash Window

    Manufactured and installed by The Sash Window Workshop
  9. Sash Window Glazing Bars

    Sash Window Glazing Bars

    Manufactured and installed by The Sash Window Workshop
  10. 2 Over 2 Timber Sash Window

    2 Over 2 Timber Sash Window

    Manufactured and installed by The Sash Window Workshop
  11. G

    Plastering around old sash window

    Morning all, I removed the architrave around a ~100yr old sash window and a load of plaster came off, which wasn't a surprise. I've removed the lose plaster which has left a gap all around the window between the brick and wood liners / frame. The attached photos show the area above the...
  12. A

    Replacement wooden double-glaze sash windows - spacers and gas filling?

    We are getting some replacement sash windows made in wood with double-glazing. Due to space limitation within the sash, the gap between the panes will be much less than most double glazing - something like 6-8mm. This made me think warm-edge spacers might be worth using. The only place we get...