silicone caulking

  1. O

    Bath / Shower silicone questions

    About a year into a new bathroom, the silicone started peeling away from the bath and getting mouldy. It gradually detached along most of the length of the bath. I've put this off for a while but now decided to try and tackle this myself. The bath is Carronite (acrylic) so I wondered if maybe...
  2. bettz1

    Help identifying silicone colour

    Need some help in identifying the colour silicone we've got in our kitchen. Long story short Mrs wanted to use dc fix then changed her mind after I'd taken off the silicone in preparation :mad: We thought it was brown but when we looked in wickes brown was too dark. Could it be buff...
  3. S

    Caulking Bath With Rounded Wood Between Bath and Tiles?

    I was wondering how to go about caulking this particular bath, that has a rounded wood placed between the tiles and bath and come out with one flush finish? Picture attached, I am a complete newbie when it comes to caulking but have a good idea of the basics. Any advice would be greatly...