1. JD2012

    Bolt Type Query to bolt down Vice.

    I am looking for bolts to attach a Vice to a worktop in my shed. I found one that fits but I need it a bit shorter about 6mm in length and I don't have nuts. It says on the head M BUFO 88. Does anyone know if B&Q stock these or something that will do? Thanks
  2. R

    Smaller radiator - height / width

    Hi All, Need some advice. Looking to change a radiator in a room. Current radiator is Type 11 / single panel, 600 x 1440. Want to replace it with a Type 21 500 x 1000. Can that be done without having to replace the plumbing & piping (ie pulling up the floor boards). Can the new smaller...
  3. N

    Stairs landing size

    Hi All, I got a question, can someone help? My house is semi and extending to 2 storey. From the stairs I’ll go up and from landing if I turn left and one step climb I’ll go to existing rooms. If turn right I’ll go to new rooms. I would like to know what is the building reg minimum...
  4. B

    What size microwave?

    Hi all. I am about to have my new kitchen installed but am a bit confused by integrated microwave sizes. The unit is a tall (2340 mm) oven and appliance housing. So is it simply a matter of overall size - the legs (150 mm) which leaves 2190 mm. Then take off the doors and the oven...
  5. L

    Toilet fill valve replacement

    I need to replace a bottom-entry fill valve but there are a few things I'm not sure about. Firstly... the existing (original) valve is a Roca one, and I'm having trouble identifying exactly which part it is because there seem to be at least a couple of different variants out there that look...
  6. C

    Fitting sofa through front door.

    Hi, Just wondering if anybody could give me any advice. I'm looking to buy a 3 seater sofa, the problem I've got is, im not sure if it's going to fit through my front door. My front door dimensions are: Height - 73" (186cm) Width - 29" (74cm) The sofa's dimensions are: Height 37" (94cm)...
  7. J

    How to pick up right door dimension when ordering new doors

    I know could sound a very stupid question but I have removed my old door and would like to order new ones. I have the structure opening dimension at the moment and don't trust the old door as it ms like they were customized in size. For instance, what would be the difference between structure...
  8. D

    Off the shelf internal door frame with threshold?

    I'm converting a car port which used to house the front door (with side light) so there will now need to be a standard 30" internal door there, but there also needs be a step down in to the new room as levels differ. Is a standard 32" door frame that includes a (preferably hardwood) threshold...
  9. D

    What size hole for 6x100 Easydrive concrete screws?

    Easydrive seem to be a bit shy of providing hole spec.. The 6x100 have 6mm thread diameter, slightly unsurprisingly (with 4.8mm shank). They're going in to a concrete blockwork wall. Is there a general rule for hole sizes? Thank you Dain
  10. C

    Internal door size issues

    We want to put in a door for a room in our apartment. Since there isn't much space for the door to open in the room, we want to go for bi-fold or french/double doors. The opening is ~83cm wide and ~206cm high and the notches on either side 1,5 cm, see attached pictures. The measurements of the...
  11. F

    Kitchen Sink - Washer Size

    Hi, My kitchen ceramic tap is constantly dripping. It makes a loud annoying whistling noise, which suggests that it's an actual water pressure issue. I opened the kitchen tap and checked the cartridge, the black rubber washer is slightly damaged, so I think it would be good to replace this as...
  12. H

    Gas Fire Flue Sizing - Advice

    Hello, Having some roof work done. Scaffolds are up so looking (in addition to various work on the roof) to get a liner put in my front chimney by the roofers. It will be a single skin liner for a gas fire. Won’t be used for other fuel types. The old Gas fire was disconnected before I bought...
  13. H

    Replacing interior door handles

    Hi all - I have 11 interior doors and I want to change all the handles. My question is really about sizing - having shied away from all types of DIY I think I could do this one ;) but do I just simply order some from the Internet or do I have to be aware of sizing? For example, the ones I have...