1. R

    What kind of filter do I need with underfloor heating?

    So I have a combi boiler and two zones, one is underfloor heating and the other goes around 9 radiators. There has been alot of black sludge blocking the heat exchanger the last few years. I am planning to get a filter on the system and I was recommended the Magnaclean Pro 2. However I dont...
  2. J

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 28i Junior Combi Boiler - Help

    Hi there, Link to Manual: Not a plumber, just an infuriated owner of the subject boiler. I had a oil to gas conversion done and this boiler installed late 2013 by what I perceived to be a competent...
  3. A

    MagnaClean on flow

    Hi I'm planning to add MC5+ cleaner to the system as there is a lot of sludge & rust. My concern is that since magnaclean is fitted to flow, the boiler may end up with debris and create problems. I'm planning to drain the system in a week's time and at that point will change the pipework...
  4. G

    Another microbore blocked radiators problem

    Same as thread I have some of my radiators with microbore system and twin valves blocked. How to fix the problem? I thought the problem was with the system being full of sludge so i had a full flush done but that did not fix the problem...
  5. S


    Hi. I have a 1960s house with a combi boiler fitted in 2009. Heating working well except for one rad which won't heat adequately. Patchy heat - along the top, some at one side. No air coming out when I bleed it. Am thinking sludge. I thought I'd loosen the hex blank at the other end to see what...
  6. S

    Multiple Leaking Radiators After Power Flush and Combi Boiler Install

    Hi there, I was having some problems with my central heating system a couple of months back. One radiator started leaking and I got this replaced and then about a month later none of the radiators were heating up. I got a few people in and they all said I needed a power flush and the system was...
  7. eveares

    Update: Magnetic central heating filter worth it or just flush system with Sentinel X800?

    Been doing minor work to my Central heating system consisting of replacing one single radiator for a double one (same width and height) along with refitting a another poorly fitted radiator which brackets were loose and wonky. When I drained the radiators, small black particles came out what...
  8. Marcoo

    Brown-orange Sludge in Feed/Expansion Tank

    Hello everybody, I am experiencing an annoying and on-going problem with my central heating, and I was wondering if somebody could help me understanding a bit more of what's going on! A bit of background: -Type of system: Vented system, with F/E tank in the loft, combined feed and vent...
  9. A

    central heating F&E tank white gunk

    hi there, i am new to this forum and can someone please help me with an issue i am facing with my CH system? basically, i cleaned the system with X800 and left it in for a week after we had our radiators replaced with new ones about 2 months ago. i then refilled and drained the system three...