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  1. Tactical DIY

    3 core and earth sockets

    Hello, My house has 2.5mm 3 core and earth for the sockets. I'm adding an extra couple of sockets and want to make sure I'm using the correct cables. Can someone confirm where the earth goes and which of the 3 "cores" are used as the live and neutral when wiring a new twin socket? Thanks
  2. H

    Cable size for sockets?

    Good morning all. I want to add some extra sockets in a 1930s two-bed semi that I'm renovating down in Bideford and had a query regarding cable size. At the moment, the consumer unit connects to two mains circuits - one labelled "downstairs sockets" and the other "upstairs sockets". These both...
  3. I

    13A FCU to single/double socket?

    Hi all, Just a quick one. I have an FCU which used to power a small electric fireplace however there is only one socket (wrong side of the room for necessary use) so need to either lug a big old extension cable around the perimeter or use the old FCU wiring and replace with a single or double...
  4. B

    Spurring off a single socket in each room

    Hi. Moving into a house with only one socket in each of the three bedrooms. I need to have proper look once moved in but I know the consumer unit is new and believe wiring to be in good condition at time of install in recent years. Can anyone advise me if I can change single socket to double...
  5. A

    Additional power point installed correctly?

    Hi. I wonder if someone is able to advise me or point me in the right direction. I had been wanting an additional double power point installing in our master bedroom. I was ready to have this done by a qualified electrician but on returning home from work at the weekend I found out that my...
  6. D

    Storge Heaters replaced with plug sockets :)

    Hi, I've looked at a few threads but would like advice on my particular set up. I want to replace a load of storage heaters (5) with plug sockets. Please can you look at the photo below and recommend how to do this? Thanks! :)
  7. S

    mains sockets with 2 USB ports delivering 2.1A to both ports (not shared) ?

    Hi I'm thinking of getting some mains sockets with built in USB ports, along the lines of these: I haven't purchased any yet though as I can't find any that can deliver 2.1A from both usb ports at...
  8. R

    short wires

    Hi, new to the forum and can't seem to see an answer to this one! I am replacing a double socket in the kitchen and the wires are too short behind it to fit the new socket. I have two live, two neutral and two earth. Two questions please; can i extend the wires by joining them in a terminal...