solid brick wall

  1. R

    How to tile on brick wall in shower area?

    Hello all, getting round to renovating the bathroom in our 1909 solid wall red brick house (on first floor) - any advice on what should go behind tiles on an internal brick wall in a shower area (and external brick wall not in shower area)? One tradesperson has said sand and cement render and...
  2. E

    Rising Damp?

    I live in a 1920’s semi-detached house with solid walls. As we’ve moved into winter/wetter weather I’ve noticed a tide line beginning to appear on part of the hallway wall leading to the stairs. The other half of the hallway closer to the front door does not have this issue. We have also...
  3. T

    Is this a damp proofing?

    I’m renmovating an old house and stumbled across something which has had recent plaster attached to it. I want to strip the wall to add insulation, is this something I should worry about or is it old damp proofing?
  4. A

    Help to insulate damp solid wall behind cupboards in converted stable

    Hi there, Any help here would be appreciated. I have recently bought a converted stable, in my living room I have cupboards and a seat against a solid wall (see below). I want to insulate the wall behind the cupboard. The wall behind the cupboards is very damp and makes keeping the...
  5. A

    Best way to improve look of roughcast?

    Hi, I've got a 1930s Semi with solid brick walls and the original roughcast render, which presumably will contain lime for the solid brick to breathe? What's the best way to go about improving the look of it? as it's showing its age and doesn't look great. Had quotes to hack off and re-render...
  6. MeldrewsMate

    Waterproofing a 9" solid brick west-facing wall.

    GF has a ground floor flat, the west facing wall seems damp and cold, and she complains of water staining above the three windows and one door in that wall. The wall is a solid 9" one, with no cavity. It has been suggested that she render the entire west face, including the wall belonging to...