1. pawel_

    Tapping coming from inside the solid wall

    Hello everyone, Hope you're all well! I've signed up to this forum to look for an advise. I've searched the interned to and fro but couldn't find anything similar. My partner and I live in an old mid-terrace house (build 1867) and since we moved in (a year ago) we've been having problems with...
  2. L

    Spongy Laminate Flooring

    Hi, thanks for viewing my post. I've laid down laminate flooring on a uneven subfloor. (sub floor, Underlay, laminate) its become spongy (all over) and we can hear the floorboard while walking on them. like a boom of air when stepped on. I know now that an uneven floor would do something like...
  3. J

    Weird Squawking/Squeaking Noise around House

    Hi, Moved into a 4-bed Edwardian (1906) terraced house. For the past few weeks I've been hearing a mysterious squawking sound, in different rooms (kitchen, living room, upstairs back bedroom) at different times. Audio and separate video below. When they happen, they are precisely 31 seconds...
  4. S

    Noise insulation pitched roof / vaulted ceiling

    Hi. We have opened the ceiling in our living room which had previously the ceiling in 2.4m height, with a normal plasterboard and 10cm mineral/glass fibre mix. The outside noise was less, but still noticeable. We now want to use the full space of the pitched roof to create a vaulted ceiling...
  5. M

    vw caddy, drone sound when off accelerator

    Couple of weeks ago, had the front springs and strut top bearings replaced. Coincidentally.. since then I've noticed a drone type of sound... (bit like when driving on a concrete road at speed) when my foot is off the accelerator. Yesterday it became a bit louder. Checked tyres and all seems...
  6. B

    Questions relating to extension, planning permissions and road noise!

    I am in the process of purchasing a 1970s bungalow. It was originally the ground keepers house for a gated community and a bunch of flats. I have some plans to do a single story extension, the current area is around 600 Sq foot and I want to increase it to around 1000 Sq foot. I plan to renovate...
  7. G

    Texecom Elite 24 and Internal Speaker issue

    Hi all, First post! Firstly thanks for all the advice people have previously posted on here, it has been incredibly helpful in the past! I have just installed my first Texecom Elite 24. All appears to be working fine, however I am having an issue when installing internal extension speakers! I...
  8. T

    Thermal expansion noises in dormer cladding

    We had a full width dormer extension built earlier this year which has dark grey cladding and a flat rubber roof. On warm sunny mornings there's lots of cracking noises as something expands. It responds very quickly to the sun coming out and the will be a cracking noise every few seconds a...
  9. D

    Rockwool 100mm semi rigid Accoustic insulation - electric cables

    I was thinking of putting some of this up in a ceiling whilst I have the joists bare, from below that is, before putting new plasterboard up. Will it be ok to just lie any cables on top of it? Thanks Dain
  10. K

    What is the best noise attenuating material?

    I have a tenanted flat with neighbour noise problems. Easiest way to reduce noise travel to and from the flat above is to lower my ceiling and stuff the lowered area with noise attenuating material. Whats the very best stuff to stuff into the lowered ceiling area to really get the noise moving...
  11. cwhaley

    Best vintage turntable

    This might be the wrong category, but I was hoping for some advice on getting a new portable turntable. Until recently, I had a Technics/Wharfedale set up which unfortunately took up a lot of room. I've put it into storage and I'm now thinking of other ways to enjoy my records. In the past I...
  12. C

    Sound insulation?

    Firstly, sorry if this is in the wrong place. I'm new here! I've just bought a new build semi detached for £250,000. My neighbours house is about 30cm lower down than mine since our houses are built on an incline. I know it's a semi, I expect to hear some noise, they have a piano and i can...
  13. B

    Neighbour noise in every room. Why and what to do?

    Hi, I can't think of a better place to put this question so have put here. Basically I have noisy neighbours who are up all night most nights until 5am with visitors arriving and leaving at all hours. Selling is not my plan , yet. Sound is travelling through every surface and makes it sound...
  14. StephenStephen

    what to stick on to soundproof back of door?

    I've got an internal stud wall, with a door in it...well, 2 doors actually - 2 old wooden panel doors facing each other, with a 4 inch gap between them. I want to stick or fix something to the back of one or both of the doors to reduce transmission of speech. I'd appreciate any thoughts on...
  15. eveares

    What is this mysterious device? Mosquito deterrent, Cat scarer, or some sort of long range sensor?

    So not long ago I joined a "not so cheap health club" that also has a rather nice hotel. The other day I noticed that the hotel has a number of the following devices around it what appear to be around 4-6 meters off the ground. Now at first I carefully approached it, in case I was going to...