1. leaf17

    Soundproofing workshop

    Hi guys, Hoping for some advice on how I can retro-soundproof my wood workshop. I say soundproof, but what I really mean is limit the sound to a level where my neighbours don't complain! As you can see on the images below, it's a very simple timber-frame shed. It was built to a cost and I...
  2. D

    Neighbour's work - no PWA and now issues. Advice please!

    Sorry for long post and thanks in advance for reading. One day we were awoken by our (terraced) house shaking as next door began completely gutting and building a ground floor extension, to the rear and a dormer loft conversion. The inside was completely gutted and opened out for open plan...
  3. O

    Sound proofing cellar room (ed.)

    Hi, Please correct me if this post is in the wrong place. I want to make a 'room within a room' in my cellar, to put drums inside. I wondered if I could make a Gyproc box. It would not have any wooden/metal frame to keep the box together. Literally just sheets of Gyproc maybe box jointed...
  4. 0

    LOUD NEIGHBOUR - Sound proofing advise needed.

    Hi all, I've recently purchased a 1930s mid terraced property, It turns out my neighbour is going deaf, loves to sing and has a jack russell... Needless to say I am loosing my mind a little. As far as I can tell the sound is coming through both the alcoves one either side of the fireplace &...
  5. M

    Soundproofing a sliding glass door in a rental flat

    Hello everyone, The bedroom in our (private) rental flat has a glass sliding door facing a street and a pub. It can be loud but the worst thing is the bass frequency/engine revving noise coming from somewhere in the evening, which can last all night. It's not a loud sound but it does sound like...
  6. D

    Soundbloc plasterboard

    I'd like to use a soundproof plasterboard on this ceiling, what thickness do I need? It's just going to be a ground floor bedroom. What additional measures are necessary to make the use of a soundproof plasterboard effective?
  7. StephenStephen

    Green glue soundproofing?

    Hi all, I'm going to stick some soundblock 12.5mm onto existing wall (which is made of square plastic compartments covered with plasterboard) I'm thinking of using green glue to stick it on, because it cuts down structural transmission of sound. but when i look at the green glue how to video...
  8. StephenStephen

    How to sound insulate upstairs wooden floor

    Hi all, We've an upstairs wooden floor which we want to reduce noise coming down to the room below. We want to reduce both the sound of footsteps and the sound of speech Currently there are spotlights in the ceiling below, so we're going to remove those and fill the holes in the plaster...
  9. C

    Soundproofing a Victorian terraced house

    Hi! We've recently moved into a mid-terraced Victorian cottage. We can hear our neighbours talking through the walls, even when they're not talking particularly loudly (luckily they're decent neighbours). Has anyone had a similar issue and what have you done that was effective - and at what...
  10. M

    soundproofing alcoves ?

    Hi have moved into new Victorian house in Hackney, North London and am having some real problems with noise from the neighbours. It seems to be only coming through from the alcoves either side of our fireplace. Do I need to do whole wall or can I just do the alcoves. I also don't mind losing...
  11. E

    Gaps behind skirting board and sound issues

    Hi there, Hope this is the right forum. I got a builder in to install an engineered wooden floor, which involved exposing the joists and also removing the old skirting. While he was at it he put down 200mm of Rockwool sound block, to block out airbourne sound from the downstairs neighbours...
  12. C

    Insulating/sound proofing floor of Victorian House

    Hi All, We've just bought an old Victorian house and are in the process of doing it up. We've lifted all of the original floorboards (took a long time - hoping to relay them) and now want to insulate/sound proof. A few questions about putting the insulation in. 1) We've read that you want to...
  13. Eddy9000

    Secondary glazing, large windows, small windowsill

    Hi everyone, I've just moved into a new apartment and the traffic noise is killing me. It isn't a busy road but every time a car roars up it its like its inside my flat. I can also hear people talking outside like I was next to them. The windows are large factory style windows and appear to...
  14. H

    Green Glue Soundproofing

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has used green glue for soundproofing. Has it been successful. I am asking as I have only a limited space 50mm (as door in way) to attach plaster board or soundboard to a brick party wall. The noise is not excessive but I am moving my tv onto that wall and my dog has...
  15. A

    Resilient bars or air gap for sound reduction?

    I'm aiming to reduce sound transmission from my garage to my neighbour's garage through the party wall. I'm considering using resilient bars to decouple the two layers of acoustic plasterboard from the 4 x 2 studwork (with Rockwool insulation) that will sit approx. 50mm from the brick party wall...