1. N

    Hikvision camera with Audio Out lead usage

    I have this Hikvision dome camera (DS-2CD2566G2-IS) which I've already installed. It has a built in mic and an "Audio Out" lead (terminates with green female blocks). The guide does not explain how to use this lead and I've searched the web for a compatible speaker. No one seems to be selling a...
  2. Camillamcc

    Videx 924 - help !

    Door telephone / speaker. Videx 924 What colour goes where ?
  3. S

    Internal Speaker: 16ohm 12v + Pyronix EUR-064 keypad - Pyronix Euro 46 V10

    I had an old internal speaker (16ohm 12v) from my previous wired alarm setup that I wanted to reuse / add in the porch so we can hear the confirmation beep when setting the alarm I wired the positive and negative terminals of the speaker to the EUR-064 keypad (+ and PGM1) terminals. Only...
  4. G

    Finding the right screw

    Hi all, I'm trying to find the right screw to attach my speaker to a speaker stand. I have the details (see image) but at the nearby hardware store they are pretty useless. First they gave me one screw (M5 I believe) which is too small. Then another one (M6 I believe) which is slightly too big...
  5. S

    Threading wires through Dot & Dab?

    Hi guys, I'm just about to move into a new build house, and I'm hoping to place my TV and speakers in the lounge, but they haven't put a plug or anything where I wanted. I'm also hoping to run an HDMI cable from one room into the next. Is it possible to run cabling sideways through a dot...
  6. G

    Texecom Elite 24 and Internal Speaker issue

    Hi all, First post! Firstly thanks for all the advice people have previously posted on here, it has been incredibly helpful in the past! I have just installed my first Texecom Elite 24. All appears to be working fine, however I am having an issue when installing internal extension speakers! I...
  7. A

    Texecom prem elite 24 speaker/sounder

    I have a simple 16ohm speaker wired in to the aux+ and speaker- terminals, it works for warning sounds etc. But won't sound in the event of an alarm trigger. Checked the volume is up in the settings which it is, what am I doing wrong or if there another issue?
  8. eveares

    In regards to subwoofers, what's the difference between a motor and a voice coil?

    I have seen a number of videos on YouTube of people talking about their car subwoofers and the respective "motors"; what from what I can tell, the motor is the round big bit at the back of the subwoofer what contains what I would call the voice coil. Is "motor" just another name for the voice...
  9. eveares

    Speaker Wattage Woes!

    So a couple of months back I got a pair of Alto True Sonic TS210 PA speakers for outdoor events. However the wattage rating of them is strange to say the least. According to https://www.altoproaudio.com/downloads/Alto-Professional-TS210-Spec-Sheet.pdf, they have a continuous RMS power rating...
  10. S

    Speaker wiring in dot and dab plasterboard wall

    Hi All, Been trawling the forums a bit on here but can't find a specific answer to what I'm looking for. Basically my man cave is upstairs with a loft space above it. I have a TV mounted to the wall and I'm now looking to wall mount my speakers to get a bit more space on my desk. The wall in...