1. S

    Dulux easycare emulsion over Zinsser 123?

    Hi all, quick question: I'm planning to paint a bathroom ceiling with Dulux's easycare bathroom emulsion paint. However, there's a bit of old staining that I want to cover with Zinsser bullseye 123 first. Do you know if these two products are compatible or not please? The ceiling is plaster, if...
  2. S

    Painting a mouldy ceiling?

    Hi all. I have a patch of mould on my bathroom ceiling that I want to get rid of and prevent coming back. However, there's a few things I'm not sure about. I'm planning on doing the following: 1.) Cleaning off the existing mould with an anti-mould spray 2.) Applying a stain sealer to stop any...
  3. S

    Cedar slat fence - nail staining

    Hi there, Hope i've put this in the right category. I've just had some link removed western cedar slats put up in the corner of the garden. They have been nailed to a wooden frame. They have only been up a couple weeks and I have started noticing some black staining coming out of the...
  4. L

    Pine floors - how to finish??

    Hi everyone Recently sanded back our pine floorboards and got a beautiful look, however once we applied Osmo Polyx Raw it all went a bit wrong - it left a white sheen. Have since read you should ignore their advice and not just leave it but buff it and remove excess to avoid this happening -...
  5. A

    Unusual ceiling stain after decorating, please help

  6. MrsRenovator

    Pale French Oak - Experienced Person Please!

    I know the fashion is for pale/nude oak, but I love the golden brown of British character oak! So, I need the voice of experience please... I have two new sanded french oak boards. I usually use tung oil. The test result is very pale and light, a touch greyish, not really bringing the wood to...
  7. A

    Painting on plaster

    Following replastering of my wall I have waited five months for the wall to dry out. This will sound like a crazy amount of time but I have had a slight damp patch where the timber has been historically soaked with water ingress. The exterior brickwork was fixed prior to replastering but it...
  8. B

    Console Table - Identifying Wood Type

    I bought an old console table recently. It's covered in a horrible dark, sticky varnish type coating which gives the wood grain a strange orangey hue from certain angles. Almost looks as if someone has painted gravy on there and left it to dry. It's a b****r to sand off as well. I digress. I've...
  9. J

    Indian sandstone patio stains/marks

    Hi all, I had an Indian Sandstone patio laid last year. Everything looked fine to start - we left it around 4 weeks and then sealed it whilst there was good weather. After sealing it, we saw that many of the slabs had these strange markings on them which weren’t previously visible before the...
  10. C

    Painting stained pine doors

    Hi all, I've started a DIY job at home and I already regret it! Could use your expert views. I've got Sikkens wood stained internal pine doors/architraves and the Misses now wants the architrave/door stop painted white (the doors will remain stained). The doors/architraves are about 10 years...
  11. K

    Help! New coat of white paint on ceiling now covered in brown marks?

    Hi All, Hoping someone can help me please - I'm so confused. We are trying to redecorate our bedroom (have just moved in to this house). The bedroom was all white - white ceiling and walls. We sugar soaped, rinsed the sugar soap off. Left to dry overnight. Today we start painting the ceiling in...
  12. L

    Removing white patches from exterior wall

    Parents had a gutter that was leaking for some time. That's now sorted, but it has left behind some unsightly white staining on the brickwork below. A scrubbing brush and soapy water has failed to shift it. Any ideas what it is exactly, and how best to clean it up? Photo attached.
  13. G

    Stain on joining wall just below porch roof

    Water appears to be getting into our house causing a stain on the joining wall of our semi detached house. The wall is never wet or damp to the touch, but the stain has been gradually working it's way down the wall becoming more noticeable. Inside - you'll see the stain on the joining property...
  14. H

    Need help removing stain on worktop

    Hello, I'm looking for some help removing a stain from my kitchen worktop, I say stain but I believe it's more that the varnish (or coating) has been removed. I attempted to repair something last night and although I put sheets down superglue has kindly made it's way to through to the kitchen...
  15. J

    Remove mark on couch

    Hi, There is a mark on our couch that i'm trying to get rid of. I've attached some pictures of it, we've tried hide soap and this hasn't worked. Simply scratching it with a finger nail doesn't work. Any ideas would be appreciated
  16. A

    Blanco silgranit Sink Discoloured

    Worth a shot wondering if anyone has managed to rescue a blanco silgranit Sink it was anthracite in colour but the middle part has become discoloured. I've been reading online how there supposed to be stain, heat scratch resistant etc I've no idea what's caused the problem ended up with it for...
  17. A

    Is it Varnish or Stain?

    I have window frame and sill which has been painted over from the inside by someone with gloss paint. The paint is all cracking/peeling off. Beneath it, it looks like there is a mahogany varnish or stain. How can I tell what the original finish was, in other words how can I tell the difference...
  18. A

    Sikkens or Dulux WeatherShield for Exterior Timber Window Frames and Doors

    Hi, I have some timber window frames on my house. To the front of the property the windows look like they are hardwood and currently have a Ronseal exterior woodstain on them. To the rear of the property the frames appear to have a painted gloss finish (not sure if the frames are hardwood or...
  19. A

    Stripping paint on stairs well enough to stain?

    I'm thinking of doing away with the stairs carpet, and would like to paint it all with gloss, except for the treads which would have a dark stain. Pulling the carpet to one side I can see that the stairs have been painted with a grey paint (the upstairs floors are all the same). What is this...
  20. GoodOne

    Wood filler on stairs to be stain

    Hi All, I would appreciate if anyone could advise me on what sort of filler would be the best to fill up those gaps between the stairs? Btw, I plan to strip off the paint and stain it. .