steel beam

  1. A

    Cost to install steel ridge beam

    Please could I have an idea of what I should expect to pay for the supply and fit of: - 152x152x30 steel beam 9m span, or spliced in 3 with 200x120x10 end plates - 400x155x12 flange plates bolted to the steel - padstones either either end 330x140 - a single SHS support column 100x100x5 -...
  2. J

    Steel beam and welded plate detail

    Hi All, I have a first floor extension similar to the one in the photo below, but about half the span (~3.3m span with two columns). The photo shows that they used a steel beam with a plate welded to the underside, but installed the beam to carry the outer leaf rather than the inner one...
  3. R

    Steel lintel for patio door

    Anyone know what size and style lintel to go in a 3M wall where the patio door is 2.1M? Previously a window and block
  4. D

    Steel Beam wider than Cavity Wall - Extension

    Hi Currently have a builder doing an extension on my home and it requires a 305 steel being installed on posts. My aim/instruction was to 'hide' the beam but putting it higher in the property and the floor joists will then run into it. We have a 305mm steel beam but the cavity wall is 1980s...
  5. G

    Architect’s Outline Specification - how closely does this need to be followed?

    Hi, just looking for some advice on something. I’m getting a sunroom/extension built at the back of my house and noticed the builders are using 120 mm thick Kingspan floor insulation boards (TP10/TF70/TW55) whilst the Architect’s Outline Specification states that it should be 150 mm thick...
  6. O

    Rafters in Ridge Steel beam help

    Hi, I'm having a vaulted ceiling and a Ridge Steel has been fitted. Internally, I want a triangular ceiling. I was wondering how the rafters should be fitted on the steel. I've attached an image with two options. 1. where the rafter fits into web of steel with noggins 2. add a bolted timber...
  7. N

    Thermalite 3.6n blocks for steel - Help needed

    Hi All, Can somebody help me? I am doing an extension rear single storey, side double storey 7.6X3.5m front single storey on a semi. My question is about a double-storey wall. On left side I got an old wall (existing) backside steel sitting on the goalpost, first floor wall I can build on...
  8. T

    Steel beam sizing

    We're looking to remove a load bearing wall, which is supporting one wall of a gabel, the floor above, ceiling above and roof above. I've sent our structural engineers calcs to my dad and we're both a bit concerned. The above image shows the wall (and chimney to be removed). The wall is...
  9. E

    How to fit coal post steel on block and beam floor

    No longer required thank you for replies
  10. M

    Size of steel needed to support a small mono pitch roof

    Hi Guys, i have a small lean-to outbuilding that currently has a door and a window next to each other, i want to enlarge the opening and use it as a garage. this would mean removing a central block column that is helping to support the rafters. Im trying to ascertain what size of steel to...
  11. S

    Chimney Breast support

    Hi Guys, Just wanting some advice on a loft chimney breast support. At this moment in time i haven't actually gone into the loft to measure it, but the breast runs down of course from the roof, loft, into bedroom 1 and the living room. The idea is to take it out of the bedroom to allow for...
  12. W

    Ground Floor Flat Extension - Steel to support building above

    Hi all, I am in the process of completing on a ground floor flat and wanted to do a rear and side return extension, but wanted to clarify some things before drawing up some plans for planning permission. The extension I have in mind would require the corner of the building demolished and...
  13. oursurveysaid

    Fireboarding RSJ at floor level

    My wonderful builder left me with this mess after not quite finishing my extension. This is the bathroom above the kitchen where an RSJ ended up encroaching into the room at floor level. I want to tackle the puzzle of fireboarding it myself, but am not quite sure on what needs to be done to...
  14. D

    Steel Bearer size

    We are considering replacing a bearer supporting one side of a bedroom floor. Yes I know that we will have to engage a structural engineer for formal calculations etc., but for now, I just want to get an idea of practicalities, sizes etc.. A builder has suggested using hollow rectangular steel...
  15. Oceans247

    Which trades are required for a loft conversion + chimney breast removal?

    Hi there, I am doing a loft conversion on a terraced house. Both neighbours have already done loft conversions (unfortunately). I say unfortunately as I believe this just makes my loft conversion slightly more complicated with regards to waterproofing and joining to their structures. Nither...
  16. D

    Compression load of steel angle

    Without getting into complex engineering calculations, how can I make a reasonable assessment of the max compression load for an approx 2 M length of mild steel single angle 7mm thick and 80 mm each side. I would like to use it as a mid span "post" to give additional support to what appears to...
  17. T

    Steel beam queries

    Hi everyone, I'm in the process of starting out with an extension to our property that will involve knocking through the rear wall, with the intent on creating a large open kitchen/diner/living area. Architect is on with the plans now, and we'll be getting an SE in to calculate steel...
  18. D

    Justification for steel beam on half brick wall

    We recently started our loft conversion in a terraced house. The contractor followed the plans based on a calculation that was provided by a structural engineer. The work progressed to a level that three steam beams were put in place and by this time we heard back from the council building...
  19. B

    Dangerous support under steel beam

    Good evening, I am doing a single story house extension. Builders I have hired have demolished ouside wall to connect an existing house with new extension. They have installed steel beam according to the plans. My worry is that looking at the support it doesn't seem very stable as they have in...
  20. V

    Brickwork over External Bifold Steel beam

    Hi Experts, I need some guidance on covering an external beam which builders have installed for rear bifolds. The beam is 305x305 in the external cavity wall as shown in the attached pic. The beam is above the ceiling level of ground floor. The architect suggested that there should be a brick...