1. K

    Building a concrete step

    Hi everyone, I have a relatively small project but one I need to get right. The back of my garage I have my fridge freezer, washing machine and dryer. Our garage has been known to flood and ruin the appliances and so I am going to build a concrete step for the 3 appliances to sit on. The step...
  2. Justin Bodley

    Laminate Floor Step Edging

    Hi! Firstly... excuse the mess/dog hair.... it's a room not used much and am in the process of sorting it out. As you can see the step edging has literally disintegrated. Anyone know of a similar replacement edging strip? Original looks like pine, has a slight curve on the edge and it measures...
  3. JD2012

    Fixing gaps in a Concrete Door Step.

    I was wondering what forum readers would suggest to fill in horizontal gaps between a front door step and the door. They are not huge gaps. I think its just caused by shrinkage as the house is about 60 years old. I was thinking something along the lines of a mastic sealant as I want to be easy...
  4. JD2012

    What Colours does Tetrion Filler Come in?

    What Colours does Tetrion Filler Come in? The reason I am asking is that I need to fill in some small cracks and one quite large hole in the side of a concrete door step. I was thinking of buying the above filler for this. The door step is a light sort of grey colour. Unless I have missed...
  5. G

    DIY Lead Flashing - Opinions Please?

    Hi All, Recently added a new single storey extension with a gable style roof that abuts the existing house wall. I took a gamble, and decided to have a stab at doing the step and cover flashing myself. I knew it was a risk. Now hlat the point of boarding it out, however I decided to do one...
  6. M

    Sewing Carpet on a Bullnose Step

    Hello, Has anyone got any instructions/tips/advice on sewing carpet for a bullnose step? Or whether it’s really that much better than using the Cap-Band Method? Cheers!
  7. M

    Sliding Door Step Trim

    We have a sliding patio door which I have looked all over and cannot find any kind of branding. The doorstep trim (see photo) is very tatty. It a black plastic section which clips into some aluminium track underneath. I have spent most of the morning Googling and cannot find anything similar...
  8. N

    Step onto patio

    Hi all, I'm doing a 2m wide patio around a new extension. There is a 5m wide bifold which needs a 100mm step down onto the finished level of the patio. I have put down the mot and have to compact it, but I'm wondering about footings for the step. Pavingexpert says you can lay brick and flag...
  9. F

    Step crack in cellar wall

    I live in an 1890's end terrace which has a half cellar. The wall which separates the cellar has developed a step crack, spanning about 4ft in height. It follows the mortar, although one brick has split. The joints in the cellar are a little eroded at points, and I think the crack is perhaps...