1. JD2012

    Where can I get replacement Studs for my Gas Meter Box?

    Does anyone know where I can get replacement studs for my Gas Central Heating Box? I was cleaning it and noticed there is only one stud holding it to the wall. The other one seems to have vanished. I think its a mk 2 here is a picture of it.
  2. R

    External wall construction - possibly done wrong in a newbuild?

    Dear forum members! I am a complete novice in these matters and would greatly appreciate your help. I have external wall specification for my house listed as such: So I assume that wooden sheathing must be BEHIND the TSW studs. This is confirmed by the Celotex website: However, I've just...
  3. Fishwalker

    Can you dot and dab plasterboard onto lath and stud walls

  4. robodelfy

    Moisture boards, vertical or horizontal, adhesive or not?

    I have to put moisture resistant board on a single wall in my bathroom. It's exactly 2.4m high and 2.4m wide. So should I put them vertically or horizontal? Opinion seems divided online, but in the US it seems they always go horizontal, but I dont know why! Vertical would be easier so I can...