1. hellopaul2

    Reliability of online demand / kVA calculator

    Hello, I'm in the process of getting a new electrical supply from UK Power Networks for my 4-bed, ~200sq.m barn conversion (not started yet!) and they're asking for a kVA rating. I'm planning to use an air source heat pump (maybe 12kW - 16kW output) and probably also one car charging point...
  2. I

    Underfloor Over Temperature

    Hi. I am new to underfloor heating. I am in a new build. I have two pumps feeding two manifolds connected in parallel and feeding two different ground floor levels. There is a hot/cold mix dial for each so supply hot water is diluted to a lower temperature as I understand. While balancing, I set...
  3. SpaceWorm

    Potential No Main Earth

    Just noticed something with my leccy in a 1957 bungalow. The gas and water bonds have been disconnected and cooked up in the corner of the room, with no obvious earth coming from the board back to the cut-out. Does this mean the property has no main earth? Cheers
  4. F

    Additional Hot & Cold Supply to Bathroom Plumbing

    Hi all, Newbie poster here, renovating my bathroom. Currently I have 2 hot & 3 cold supply lines, bath, sink & toilet. I'm adding a shower to the room so need an additional hot & cold supply for the shower riser, boiler is a combi. Is it as simple as splitting the supply into the sink...
  5. C

    Power Supply Issue on a Commercial Premises.

    Right, I would like to preface this with the fact that I am NOT a qualified electrician, and as such I will NOT be touching any of this myself. I'm already leaning towards telling them to get a qualified electrician to check their installation, although they supposedly had an inspection 2 years...
  6. E

    Fcu problems

    Does anyone know why my fcu has supply and load as normal and an extra live for load and supply?? Ive had to re install my original fcu because I just can't get it wired properly. I have added a picture.
  7. P

    Changing from electric to thermostatic shower - feed question

    Hi, Need some options on feed when changing from an electric shower we have to a thermostatic shower. Our change comes about due to a change in boiler to a combination and thus wanting a more powerful flow from the shower. Our electric shower is in a wet room with the cold water feed coming...
  8. J

    Composite door - where to buy, supply and fit

    I’ve been quoted £1600 (fitted) for a new composite front door, nothing fancy, plain white with large glass panel. It has a side light and top light which bumped the cost up by £400. I’ve been to two local double glazing shops and think that’s the going price. It needs to be measured and...