1. T

    Garden room roof support

    Hi all, I am planning to build a garden room which will be 6.6 meters wide and 5 meters long/deep. I have managed to find joists that are 6 meters long which will give me the overhang on the front and back. The roof will then have firring strips on top, 18mm OSB board and then EPDM rubber on...
  2. D

    How to support cls frame for ply floor - and how many supports?

    Car port being domesticated, it's conc. base has a couple of coats of Sikha Rapid DPM plus membrane. I was thinking of using decking pedestals but how was it done prior to these arriving on the scene? Do I just masonry bolt lots of short CLS bearers/feet down and chock/brace off these? What...
  3. C

    Honeywell Flex Flash Advice

    Hello i have acquired (eBay) a Honeywell flex fx20 panel and don’t have any code seems to work ok but can’t full test without access I was hoping to default the panel and use it for a backup or testing I am using the Honeywell flashing program and also have all the firmware files Am...
  4. T

    I think my downstairs neighbour has removed a load bearing wall

    Hi all, Hoping to get some advice please. I live in a block of flats that was originally an old Victorian building. It was converted into 5 flats decades ago. My downstairs neighbour has started to do some serious build works. I was in helping her carry something in and I noticed a number of...
  5. P

    Inaccessible pipe: clipping vs support

    Hi, I managed to push two 15mm pex pipes through the underfloor space of a second floor. They go (on a straight run between two parallel joists) from a hole in the floorboard (18mm thick) under an existing radiator to another hole in the contiguous room's floorboard, ready to attach a new...
  6. R

    1930s Roof Support Beam Question

    Hello! DIyer here.. however this job seems beyond me.. I'd really appreciate some opinions on what you guys think would be a reasonable solution - some context/knowledge/insight, before I'm swamped in quotes. Or in the event I decide to do it myself. This is my mum's house, and the diagonal...
  7. R

    Replacing Cut Bricks in Fireplace Chimney Breast

    Hi all! I'm opening up a fireplace, ready to accept a wood burning stove. Property is 1918. It's clear it's been chopped about over the years. At some point it seems to have had some kind of large inset fire or similar installed. I haven't been able to quite figure out what it was (any...
  8. M

    Can RSJ beams be placed on top of each other

    I have recently had RSJ's installed to prop up chimney stacks as the chimney breasts underneath were removed. The BC were informed and a structural engineer engaged. I provided the calculation and plans to the builder. I noticed that the fabricator had predrilled holes in the beams supplied ...
  9. N

    Very basic loft conversion. Who is needed?

    Hey all. As a lot of people I have found myself working from home and needing somewhere to be more private while working on sensitive material. We have always planned on doing a full dorma loft conversion at some point, but in the mean time I’d just like to use the space up there. I’m happy...
  10. J

    How to install and box out a beam under extension roof. (1)

    I`m going to remove an internal partition between my extension and need to stick a 152x89 beam to help support the flat joist roof. Engineers confirmed that 152x89 is more than enough. Do I need some sort of spreading plate or grout? How do I install it? when the beam is in place how I will...
  11. D

    Garage metal bars - support?

    I am painting the walls in my garage and there are metal bars fixed to the walls in various places with circular holes in. Are these supporting the walls or can they be removed? See pic below. Thanks
  12. S


    I've dug out a hearth and would like some advice on installing some joists. Please see photos. As you can see the hearth has left a gap. The front wall of the hearth supports the cross joist. I propose the following 1. Keep the cross joist and leave all existing joists as they are 2. Add...
  13. R

    Is it safe for me to remove this doorway under the stairs?

    Hello everyone, I'm currently in the middle of renovating my kitchen and dining room. I'm wanting to remove the door frame that sits below the stairs. It doesn't seem to have a lintel that goes across in to the brick either side. However, there are 3 bits of wood that look like support or...
  14. D

    Threading cables through joists - support need?

    If cable is installed perp to joists, threaded thru a series on in--line holes in joists, does the cable need support additional to and between the joists? The gaps between are 320-350 Not that it seems to have made much difference to the original sparks that wired the house, there's a 1.5mm...
  15. acurachris

    Lateral support straps for joists

    Hi I am nearly at first floor height for my extension and I have made a hole to check the existing floor level. The bottom of the existing floor joists sit level to the bottom of the hole I made and the top of the joists level to the purple line in the picture. Regs say: Restraint straps must...
  16. A

    Chimney on party wall in loft looks in bad condition - will it support the stack?

    We are renovating a 250 year old granite terraced cottage, and when we have gone to strip back and replaster the room on the 2nd/attic floor (which was converted to bedrooms years ago) we have found this (see picture) at the top of one gable wall. The granite and the brick sitting on top of the...
  17. T

    Timber beam to support purlin?

    We had a pitched roof kitchen/conservatory extension done 11 years ago, single storey, 15 degree pitch, and we are now considering taking out the dividing wall between kitchen and conservatory, and removing the ceiling in the kitchen to give a more open feel. We paid for the services of a...
  18. P

    Suspicious RSJ / floor joist attachment

    Hi there I'm currently having some structural work completed at home. RSJs are in but I'm a bit suspicious of how upstairs floor joist have been supported. Basically the usual noggins have been wedged into RSJ and then another length of timber screwed to them. The upstairs floor joists are then...