1. B

    Thread (String?) on end of radiator pipe.

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can help with this. I have a radiator pipe that goes into the radiator, but just before that it splits off to a short terminated end that I assume would have been connected elsewhere long ago... this small end of pipe has some straggly 'thread' hanging off it. Perhaps...
  2. J

    Plastering existing wall, ceiling questions and doubts HELP!

    I found out that the ceilings on my first floor were renovated but the laths were kept and pins were used instead of screws. My first question. Is it worth to remove the old plasterboard attached to lath and replace with a fresh one and maybe just tape and joint or new plaster? Why the lats...
  3. J

    Stud wall, Partition wall with plasterboard and noggin

    Hi, Im doing a bit of renovation and for the first time I have to build few wall including one partywall and a fully enclosed bathroom. My idea is to use 15mm plasterboard or maybe 2x15mm to make it stronger but question is what stud size need to use and if there is any basic concept to use in...
  4. D

    Door frame not weatherproof

    I had this door put in but it was all a bit ad hoc so the door reveal was too wide and some add-on pieces were put on (I don't know what the correct term for them is). The interior emulsion is starting to spot with mold along the inside of the frame so obviously it isn't sealed. I think the...
  5. S

    Repair veneer on flush chipboard fire door

    Hello, This heavy duty wooden door has taken some damage from an over door hook. I'm hoping to tidy it up so it doesn't look as bad and was thinking some kind of tape secured across the length of the top of the door (top 2cm or so) might be the best solution with minimal effort required...
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    What type of glue or Dbl sided tape for transition/threshold strips?

    I have some aluminium Diall trans strips, with plastic btm strips, instructions indicate fixing by glue? Is there a heavy duty 25mm dbl sided tape available that would also do the job? Thanks Dain
  7. G

    Frog tape puling off the Valspar paint!

    Does anyone have any ideas how i can fix this? The prev owners used dulux, which I stupidly painted over with Valspar. now the frog tape when doing the edging is pulling off the whole thing! See pic attached Thanks for your help!
  8. R

    Levelling Concrete Floor - Tape/Shuttering/Roller

    Hi guys, I am about to level my rough concrete floor using the very helpful sticky but I have a couple of questions. I have built some MDF furniture in there (I know I should have levelled the floor first - d'oh!). Is it ok to tape around this to protect it or should I make some shuttering? If...