1. eveares

    Electrics in the USA - What tests are done for new installations?

    I am in the UK where when new circuits are commissioned, a number of tests are done to ensure the safety of the circuit. Such tests consist of (but not limited to) insulation resistance tests, loop impedance tests, RCD/ELCB characteristics tests, etc... How does that compare to the sort of...
  2. B

    Socket Tester - Open Hot (Live) Reading

    OK, so I'm probably as daft as a brush (hence the username), but... I have a socket tester (TackLife from Amazon) that has 3 lights to give various readings for sockets, i.e. 'correct', 'open ground', etc. Now for 'Open Hot (Live)' the light combination is er - no lights. Doesn't this seem to...
  3. eveares

    Megger MFT 1730 Calibration?

    Just recently got my Megger MFT 1730 re-calibrated by Britannia Test & Measurement and it passed. :D Just wondering if it will fail calibration in 12 months from now based on how close some of the readings were to the Tolerances? Would be a heart break to me if it failed calibration and...
  4. eveares

    Little Pop or will hand get blow off if I plug this in?

    Going to do and film it remotely for safety, however how much danger would one be in by plugging the below contraption in to a socket? How dangerous? by eveares posted 15 Jan 2017 at 8:12 PM Regards: Elliott.
  5. eveares

    When were RCD's Tested at 2x?

    I have a old Seaward RCD tester that tests the tripping time at 1x, 2x, and 5x of the RCD's rated tripping current. It tests 10mA, 30mA, 100mA, 300mA and 500mA rated RCD's, both at 0° and 180°. When was this type of RCD tester in mainstream use, as I have not heard of modern RCD testers being...
  6. eveares

    Neon Screwdriver - They're ok and fine to use.......

    ....According to the video below! :eek::notworthy: Regards: Elliott
  7. J

    Walk Test Showing "1" constantly on Accenta Panel

    Hey Everyone, I've just replaced my old accenta 6 panel alarm with the a new G4 panel and everything seems to have gone well, keypads working..etc However I just wanted to do a walk test and upon going into the menu, it keeps beeping away and showing all 1's on the display. It doesn't give me a...
  8. O

    Getting hot water into part of a heating system

    Complex setup- short version, I've put the pipework in for 2 radiators 'cos I wanted to hide the pipework in ceiling and stud walls, there's no boiler fitted and no rads fitted to the ends of the pipework yet (got to finish insulating the ceiling & let BCO have a skeg at it before I board and...
  9. eveares

    Testing of exposed RCD.

    Just a RCD operating with the front cover removed, 20w load connected between line out and neutral in. Shot at 50 FPS using my Panasonic HDC-SD600. Also before the video, I wired a Plug to the Input of the RCD and a 20w CFL lamp to the output of the RCD, I then wired a switch in between the...
  10. eveares

    Potentially Dangerous USB Hub Power supply!?

    Just teared down a cheap USB power supply from a USB hub, and to no surprise :rolleyes: the isolation between the mains primary side and the SELV secondary side was suspicious at best. Not only did my non contact voltage detection stick react to what should have been the separated isolated 5V...