1. P

    Damage to aerated blocks

    Hi there, any help would be greatly appreciated!! I've just taken off some tiles in the bathroom with the intention of dot and dabbing some plasterboard on to the aerated blocks (I think they're Thermalite) then plastering over the top. (It was a fully tiled bathroom but I'm changing it to a...
  2. S

    Wall plate onto lightweight blocks

    Hi all, Just after a bit of advice/confirmation. We have haves a 2 storey side extensions. For the 1st floor I want to find the finished floor lever of the current house - transfer that point to the outside mark it etc. etc. The span is 4m Fix wood wall plates to the existing side wall and to...
  3. R

    Fitting shower seat to thermalite wall??

    Hi, I have fitted a shower cubicle over a tray. All walls are covered with mermaid shower panels. 1 wall is a stud wall. 1 wall is (I believe) breeze block, but with a insulated plaster board dot and dabbed on front. 1 wall is standard plasterboard on what I now know is thermalite. I had...
  4. N

    Thermalite 3.6n blocks for steel - Help needed

    Hi All, Can somebody help me? I am doing an extension rear single storey, side double storey 7.6X3.5m front single storey on a semi. My question is about a double-storey wall. On left side I got an old wall (existing) backside steel sitting on the goalpost, first floor wall I can build on...
  5. S

    Moisture board fixing to Thermalit with adhesive

    I’m in the middle of renovating an ensuite bathroom and I have purchased standard plasterboard for the non-wet areas; XPS boards in shower area. It subsequently dawned on me that perhaps I should have used moisture board instead and this has raised one or two complications. I need to fix a board...
  6. Rob broom

    Cracks in aerated blocks - celcon and thermolite

    Hi! Would anyone be kind enough to offer some advice? i am currently working on a 1 & 1/2 story extension to my house (single story with a room in the roof). I’ve followed the instructions from the architect, structural engineer and BCO throughout and havnt cut corners! ground underneath was...
  7. SS-ProjectBuild

    Concrete vs Ash vs Thermalite

    Hi All, Ive been advised by my builder to use concrete blocks fro my outer skin of my outbuilding and internal skin/partition walls with ashblocks/ashlite.... i cant find much information on these on the net...has anybody else come across these (or if there is a different term for them)? Ive...
  8. B

    Shed/Outbuilding options

    I've got a double garage at the rear of my property and I'm looking to attach a new "Shed" to the back of it. I've already laid a 4x3m 9 inch concrete slab with DPM but I'm undecided on how to proceed. My choices have boiled down to the following and I'm keen to hear peoples opinions. Timber...
  9. S

    Bath and Thermalite Render

    Hi I have a wall built out of theramlite against which a bathtub will be placed. The plumber has fixed the bath in-place and siliconed the edge of the bath to the Thermalite Blocks. Will this be OK? The wall will be rendered with hardwall and then tiled but I'm not sure if that should have...
  10. D

    Hang radiator on aerated block wall?

    I was going to just drill out and glue in some dowel, nice and deep. Rad (1200x400 4000btu) will go below window, is that a good idea? Are aerated block walls prone to cracking if you hang a rad on them? Thank y'all kindly. Dain
  11. D

    u ratings - 3.6N Aerated Celcon versus 50mm Cellotex

    I have a car port under the end of the house, the supports for the house are conc. blockwork, L shaped (in section) piers with a 2" cavity containing Rockwool or similar insulation. The car port is being converted to domestic/internal room. BC says that original internal faces of car port piers...
  12. D

    Fix/secure timber window boards to thermalite

    I found some recommendations for screwing ply to the top of the inner leaf (I think that some 100mm drywall screws would be fine without rawlplugs), and then gripfix the timber sill down to the ply? What did you think of sticking the sill directly down to the thermalites using Caberfix or...