1. eveares

    Advert for UK electrical wholesaler showing american electrics?

    Did anyone else see this on the socials a couple of weeks ago? TLC, A UK electrical wholesaler, advertising with a picture of US/American electrics? I'm sure it was a genuine mistake, but who else (if anyone) noticed? Kind regards: Elliott.
  2. eveares

    Nest doorbell quiet with Surf 2 Note Door Chime

    I recently installed a Google Nest doorbell along with a Surf 2 Note Door Chime and a 12V doorbell transformer from TLC, and noticed the Surf 2 Note Door Chime is very quite when rung. Yes, it is wired correctly and has the module installed inside the door bell that came with the Google Nest...
  3. eveares

    NTE5 ADSL/Broadband Filter Master Socket Adaptor Plate suitable for VDSL?

    Is the item linked below suitable for VDSL as it does not mention being VDSL compatible anywhere. I know VDSL uses higher frequency that ADSL, and want to know will this degrade the VDSL performance of a broadband line? Regards: Elliott.
  4. eveares

    TLC's Traffic Light bulbs - illegal or legal loophole?

    TLC according to their paper catalog appear to now be selling lamps intended for Traffic Signals and claiming it is a legal and suitable alternative to the incandescent light bulb ban by the EU. As quoted from page 144 of the March/April edition of the TLC catalogue: IMG_3880 by eveares posted...
  5. eveares

    Is this light suitable for outside use?

    This: It is IP65 rated so should be suitable for outside use, but it is under the "Indoor Lighting > LED Wall & Step Lights" section of TLC's site and the manual says: "IP65 Rated suitable for restricted external applications". What is meant...
  6. eveares

    Are 25mm grid modules a standard size - Will TLC's grid modules fit Screwfix's faceplates?

    Will this module into this face plate? In other words, are grid modules all a standard size. Regards: Elliott.
  7. eveares

    TLC's UTP CAT5e cable is Copper Clad Aluminium!?

    According to this page and TLC's printed brochure, the 50M and 100M cuts of the internal UTP CAT5e cable are CCA over 0.5mm Aluminium and are not pure copper. Despite reading online that CCA CAT5e cable is non compliment, I can't find anything in the TIA-EIA-568-B.2 standard what says solid...
  8. eveares

    Old generation LEDLites (TLC Product) unreliable with design flaw?

    So I have 5 of These (LT FRD12DL) in my bathroom as one may know, and was just wondering how many others on here have had issues with ones purchased in 2012/2013 failing after two or three years? Mine were purchased and installed in 2013, and I have had to replace 3 different ones out of the 5...