1. Hamish McTavish

    Replacing a Danfoss FP715Si (TP9000) 2-channel CH/HW programmer

    Hi all, I currently have installed a Danfoss FP715Si (TP9000) 2-channel CH/HW programmer, but the factory-set clock is entirely wrong and it is just getting old. So it is time to replace it with something more modern. Ideally, I would like to be able to replace it with something that can reuse...
  2. M

    Upgrading Danfoss TP9000 with remote sensor TS2 & TP5000 to Smart Drayton Wiser Kit 3

    Hello fellow users, I have a wired non-smart Danfoss thermostats system that I am trying to replace with Drayton Wiser 3 kit but running into some issues where I would like your knowledge and expertise. The current system is: TP9000 controlling ground floor heating and overall Water of the...
  3. therafox

    Can I replace a TP9000 thermostat with a simple fused switch?

    Hey all, this may sound like an unusual question - I asked here about my particular setup before and people here helped me understand it, so now I have a concrete (DIY) plan here and need a sanity check. I have a Danfoss TP9000 thermostat for both my hot water and heating. However, the heating...
  4. therafox

    Why do I have so many thermostats?

    Hey folks, I just recently moved to the UK and the way heating systems work here is new to me - apologies if this is a dumb question. In my current flat, I have an immersion heater which consists of an unvented indirect cylinder (TI120P4) for both hot water and underfloor heating. This is...
  5. D

    Danfoss TP9000, TP5000 & Smart Heating

    Hello all, I'm thinking of buying either Tado, Hive or Nest for my house. I live in a relatively new build 3 story townhouse in the UK with the Danfoss TP9000 thermostat / hot water programmer on the ground floor next to my Ideal Logic 15 boiler, a Danfoss TS2 sensor in the living room. Then...
  6. I

    Where is 5V ac coming from?

    I have a Danfloss tp9000 programmer and TS2 room sensor which is controlling the Ideal Heat 15 system boiler. I'm trying to replace it with a smart thermostat by Nest, replicating this set up There are 3 lives, 3...
  7. I

    Nest gen3 with Danfloss tp9000/TS2 on two zone system boiler

    Few people already posted about installing Nest heatlink and termostat to replace Danfloss tp9000 and TS2 room sensor system. So I thought this going to be a straight job, but I've got some surprises. Basically when I removed the tp9000 programmer in the kitchen I've got 3 brown neutrals on N ...
  8. A

    Hive and Danfoss TP9000 self install

    Hi I currently thinking about buying Hive and have Danfoss TP9000 which is downstairs zone for heating and hotwater. Upstairs has TP5000 heating only but not replacing that just yet. Was searching through forum on how to self install and seems like from what i have understood is to replace...
  9. D

    Nest 3rd Gen Install

    Hello everyone. I've just bought a 3rd Gen Nest and am going to attempt to install it myself. I've currently got a Danfoss TP9000, controlling my Logic 15 regular boiler: Only trouble is, when I take the face off I'm greeted by this: I really wasn't expecting to see three Neutral...