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    Painted shed/summer house without treating it first

    I think I’ve messed up and painted my new corner summer house without treating it first. It’s quite small (7ft * 7ft) as my garden isn’t that big and I need to put it right in the corner of the garden up against the fence. I painted the panels before assembly with Bedec Barn paint, and now...
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    Internal Insulation Wall Treatment

    Hello I was going to put some insulation on my internal wall of my bathroom before I fix the mermaid board to the batons. I was just thinking do I need to seal the wall with PVA glue? Also do I need a plastic sheet between my wall and the insulation to stop moisture getting through? The wall is...
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    Decking Oil - solvent or water based?

    For softwood decking, reclaimed. Flat side up and will be sanded before application. Top priority is ease of re-treatment as it's in a very exposed location. I've read that solvent based oil is better, as it penetrates further, and if I read correctly, is simpler to re-treat in the future. But...
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    treating logs

    Hi all, I am in the process of making a few tables using logs that I have got hold of. I would like to know how should i go about treating the edges? They were cut down probably about 3-4 weeks ago so have not dried out yet. The tops look ok but the sides keep getting a white "froth" (which...