1. Han80

    Should I bother with my loft?

    Hi all I'm new to this forum and am looking for some advice regarding my loft. I live in a 1930s semi-detached with a hip roof and wasn't sure how to describe the truss layout, so I drew a dodgy diagram! The plan is to convert the loft properly at a later date, with a hip-to-gable (if...
  2. R

    Fixing Noggins & Plasterboard to Roof Trusses

    We have a garage that has a trussed roof that I want to install a plasterboard ceiling. We have to double board it to meet Building Control approval. To allow edges of the plasterboard to be supported I need to add noggins between the roof trusses, (trusses are at 500mm spacing). Am I...
  3. J

    Pitch roof, loft trusses clarification. Can I remove or cut a trusses to introduce a beam

    Hi, I was taking into consideration to remove my chimney breast and an engineer advised to run a beam between the front and rear wall. After my survey, I got to the conclusion that I could run a 152x89 without lowering the ceiling at first floor but this can happen only If I can cut some...
  4. J

    Remove internal partition on my extension. Will the flat roof stand?

    Hi, I got an extension with a flat roof and 47x125 trusses with an average distance of centre to centre less than 400mm and a total span of 5.36m A the moment I have a blockwork internal partition dividing the extension into 2 rooms and would like to have one large space as per my neighbours...
  5. acurachris

    Restraint strap spacing

    Hi When installing the metal restraint straps to a gable wall at 2m centres, how is the 2m spacing defined? Do you need to strap a certain distance from the start and finish of the run? So If your rafter length is 3400mm how many straps would you install? a) one in the middle... of the run...
  6. acurachris

    Wall plate height for extension

    Hi I am nearly ready to install my wall plate for the roof trusses which have been ordered. The truss manufacturer has been out and measured so hopefully everything is going to be correct there. I asked the following question to the truss manufacturer (okay :rolleyes: might be a stupid...
  7. jfsoar

    Truss Cross members and velux windows

    Sigh... I thought this was going to be easy. A portion of my kitchen (about 4m wide by 2m long) is a pitched roof lean-to type construction (that continues down from the main roof) with trusses every 600mm. These trusses appear to be completely independent from the main roof on the rest of the...
  8. nichollsjames

    Garage Roof

    Corrugated metal garage & roof, trusses are triangular and about 6ft from concrete floor. I’m 6ft6 and have a sore head. Can I brace the joists with metal or wood and cut out the bottoms of them? If so how do I do it and what materials should I use? Thanks
  9. R


    Hello all, may not be in the right place BUT currently in process of moving house and have picked up the pieces from my partners dodgy ex who boarded loft and also (stupidly) started messing with roof trusses... now a survey has said it needs to put back to original state... had one quote of...
  10. A

    Loft Conversion - What is this roof type?!

    Hi everyone! I am looking at converting my loft potentially by myself over a period of time, into a habitable space (with building regulations approval & structural engineer input, but without a dormer). I am at early stage and set the scene below: I live in a 1963 semi detached house - I...