trv head

  1. eveares

    Hive Thermostatic Radiator Valve Won't manually change!?

    I have a problem with one of my new Hive Heating thermostatic radiator valves that I got last month, it has stopped responding to manual temperature changes via the valve it's self, but the valve still wakes up when you go to manually adjust it as shown in the video. Have I accidentally enabled...
  2. D

    Programmable/Smart TRVs

    Hi, My house has radiators and hot water all heated by an oil boiler. They are there a while and nothing is zoned. Most of the radiators have TRVs on them but I was thinking of changing these to either programmable or smart TRVs to give me better control. I am having problems working out what I...
  3. L

    Replacing TRV Heads

    The TRVs on my central heating system are old - 1980, perhaps. The actual valves are all working but some of the heads seem not to work properly, reacting very slowly or not at all to temperature changes. I assume the temperature sensors are wax which I have read tends over time to stop...
  4. G

    Danfoss TRV help - can’t remove

    I’m having trouble removing a pretty old trv (picture attached). It just turns continuously making me think something’s broken underneath. Can I just snap it off?!
  5. eveares

    Issue with Hive TRV valve on the Hive website (Not mobile App)

    Just added some Hive TRV valves to my Hive system the other day, and noticed I could not control them from the Hive website at like I could with the mobile app. Below is what I get: Clicking on a TRV... Hive-TRV-Dashboard by eveares posted 18 Sep 2019 at 10:31 PM...
  6. H

    1 Radiator stopped working (Temset TRV)

    Hi all, I am trying to remove my Temset TRV head (very old looking). I recently turned the radiator off and turned it back on and doesn't work anymore. I'm thinking is may be stuck but can't work out how to remove the head to check. Any help would be really handy as it's getting super cold...
  7. H

    Drayton TRV4

    Fitted my first trv yesterday using a freezer kit and no leaks overnight! I didn't fit the head though as didn't want to damage it as still got wallpaper to strip behind where the rad was. I can't take the temporary cap off because I have to turn it on to release it. Can I wait until the new rad...
  8. A

    Plastic Head of TRV causing issues

    My radiator isn't working and after reading the forums here, I thought it was a small pin on the TRV that was causing issues. But after checking the pin, it was clear that it was working fine but the head itself was causing issues. The black spring in the head that moves as the TRV head is...