1. A

    Karndean over underlay?

    Hello, I'm planning to lay Karndean Korlok in my flat. I've removed my old engineered wood floor. Underneath that I have a 6mm black rubber Tredaire underlay for acoustic insulation. Do I have to remove it before laying the Karndean? Their instructions say their flooring needs no underlay, but...
  2. M

    Most effective insulation under carpet – above suspended vented wooden floor

    My living room is on ground floor. It has a suspended wooden floor over a large vented cavity (several feet deep). It gets pretty cold in winter. I want to get carpet in this room; both for comfort and to increase the warmth/insulation in the colder months. I’m aware that doing under-floor...
  3. G

    Polythene Below Carpet Underlay

    I've got a room which is being fitted with a 10mm underlay and carpet by a fitter this week. From fitting laminate flooring elsewhere in the house, I purchased a polythene vapour barrier from Wickes and have plenty left over. The carpet is being fitted in a room that is naturally pretty cold...
  4. CCoomber

    Best laminate underlay for a wooden floorboard subfloor.

    Hi I plan to install laminate flooring on the first floor of my house. I have removed all carpets and previous underlay and cleaned the floorboards beneath. Due to it being the first floor I’d like a good noise reducing underlay. I am currently torn between 3 options: - Vitrex premier 5mm (screw...
  5. U

    Wood floor installation in garden studio

    We've had a big garden studio built, and in an effort to save money on the escalating costs of having it done out (and because we didn't like any of the laminate options available to us), we opted to finish the flooring ourselves. We want to keep costs down, so are looking to install simple...
  6. D

    Carpet and Underlay Questions

    We are about to order some underlay to go with a new Seattle Lavastone carpet in a bedroom. The carpet is 16mm Saxony pile with an Action Hessian backing. Is Cloud 9 Cirrus 9mm thick underlay suitable? Tredaire has a similar spec but I can get the Cloud 9 cheaper. Is it ok to lay the underlay...
  7. B

    Floorboard gaps under carpet query!

    Not long before we have a carpet fitted (with underlay) in our front bedroom once plastering and decorating completed - normal floorboards with a small void (where you can see some dust, debris and wiring) between this room and the lounge underneath. Does anyone know if you need to 'fill' gaps...
  8. M

    Cloud 9 Cumulus VS Connoisseur Underlay

    Hi guys, I’m currently in the process of buying carpet for my whole house (living room and lounge, bedrooms, stairs and landing). I’ve been reading online and have seen a lot of recommendations for the Cloud 9 Cumulus. However, on looking at density it seems the Connoisseur has a higher...
  9. R

    Engineered oak 3mm tolerance

    Chaps, A quickie that I'd rather was specific'y... I'm told that 3mm tolerance is ok for 14mm thick engineered oak flooring. Seems a bit 'bouncy' in places underfoot after my test lay of first couple rows. (Dip check off straight edge shows no more than 3mm) Should I be concerned or push on...
  10. M

    Floating a Solid Oak Floor with No Glue

    Hi there, We have already bought our 18mm thick tongue and groove Solid Oak Flooring, that is pre oiled. It's also very heavy and weighs approx 700kg across 50 sq metres. It is currently being acclimatised for 7 days. The concrete sub floor has has been self levelled and is mostly very level...
  11. W

    Carpet underlay for laminate?

    I am in the process of lifting a living room carpet to put down laminate. There is already a very good quality underlay on top of a plywood floor. There is no damp. It seems crazy to lift it and replace with something else. Would this work?
  12. janieJones123

    Engineered wood floor underlay and carpet transition

    I am laying an engineered wooden floor in my first floor bedroom. Transition The hallway outside the bedroom is carpeted, and so was the bedroom. So there is a brass grip strip along the door threshold. What is the best way to replace this strip so that the carpet is kept tacked down, but...
  13. G

    Quickstep Thermolevel Underlay

    Evening - I've got a new screed floor and another area I self levelled 'reasonably' well. Its not perfect. Is Quickstep's thermolevel underlay as good as it sounds? They reckon it deals with up to 4mm level difference? Any experience of using it? Cheers.
  14. T

    engineered T+G floor: seamless plywood vs many separate strips? + underlay

    Hi all, we ordered some numbers of samples from different shops of engineered t+G oak floor. All of the samples we received (bar one) have the ply substrate made out of thinner strips laid next to each other, as opposed to one unique piece of plywood. On the other hand, when I look online at...
  15. Dan Rowland

    Creaking engineered wood with soundproofing underlay

    Hey peopleses, I'm sorry for asking, I have Googled this loads and haven't found a good answer. I have recently installed engineered wood floor over a padded acoustic underlay. This was recommended to me by the shop (UK Flooring Direct) as I'm using it upstairs. Once installed though...
  16. M

    Threshold Bars/Strips for thick Carpet and Underlay

    Hello, I have had some carpets (and underlay) installed. However the carpet to carpet threshold bars the fitters used give some pretty steep “ramping”. So much so it gives quite a noticeable “trough” at the door thresholds even though the underlay is cutback underneath. Therefore has anyone...
  17. S

    What underlay / treatment ?

    Hello All, I need some advice. In my front room we currently have laminate click flooring. We moved in during last summer and during the winter we realised the temperate dropped massively. We noticed that the cold was coming threw the flooring due to half of the living room being on top of...
  18. T

    Conservatory floor - help!

    Need some urgent help, please! I am having a east facing conservatory built and am a bit confused about flooring. It's a large rectangular conservatory (3m by 9m) and has two manholes that the builder will raise up to floor level and we will need some sort of double sealed manhole cover that...
  19. StephenStephen

    Carpet over carpet?

    We're sound insulating an upstairs floor (see other thread: https://www.diynot.com/diy/threads/how-to-sound-insulate-upstairs-wooden-floor.516049/#post-4293578 ), and are thinking to put down something like 10mm acoustic underlay over hardboard over floorboards. The existing carpet and underlay...
  20. hellopaul2

    Underlay with underfloor heating? Correct type?

    Hello, Long story short: I am about to complete the purchase of a 3-storey house with underfloor heating (wet type). I'm currently trying to delay completion (due to complete tomorrow - Wednesday) because I suspect the builders (it's a new build) have put in standard underlay, not one suitable...