1. V

    Doubt on thermal insulation on concrete floor (Part of renovating the whole of house)

    Hi All, As part of the house renovation that we recently bought, we are trying to add an engineered floating floor with insulation in a room (5.5m by 3.4m, around 30 years old construction) with a screed-ed concrete floor. From the looks / feel of it, there is no insulation on the floor. My...
  2. M

    Carpet Underlay

    Hi All, I'm looking at ordering a high quality 80/20 close knit carpet but I can't help but feel the softness of the carpet doesn't compare with the some of the higher piled carpets. I've heard that the higher piled carpets will just flatten if used in high traffic ares. What type of underlay...
  3. C

    Fix Victorian bedroom floors before laying carpet - skirting and floorboard gaps

    Hi guys, I need to fix three bedroom floors in a Victorian house (circa 1890) before carpet is laid. In each room there are gaps around the skirting, main bedroom has most of these filled but looks unsightly with cracks etc. another has a few filled and the remaining one has none filled. Some...
  4. pmc64

    5.5mm fibreboard for 6mm laminate query

    Hi Can I use 5.5mm fibreboard over a grooved chipboard sub floor with 6mm laminate flooring? As I think I read somewhere it was not for 6mm or below: I may be wrong? Be great if I could, as I've already bought enough to do a few rooms with 10mm laminate and for the one room above. Thanks Paul
  5. D

    Washing machine on solid floor

    I've seen a lot of discussions of washing machines on suspended floors but not much on solid floors. I am putting laminate throughout ground floor, and wonder what to do about the washing machine. My options are: 1. Leave a hole in the laminate to place the washing machine on the screed...
  6. C

    Loft condensation Between rafters insulation

    A local builder has installed insulation into the sloping ceilings of the top floor of our house. The old ceilings have been removed, and Recticel Eurothane installed between the rafters to within 25mm or less (at the edges, less where underlay sags) of the roofing felt. There is then insulation...
  7. O


    Hello, We are refurbishing our flat and need carpets for four bedrooms and a corridor, all on the same level, (60sqm net total area, about 75sqm if you take rectangles surrounding all rooms, about 85 sqm if you account for wastage based on carpet roll width of 4 or 5m). Before we started...
  8. A

    What underlay is this? Asbestos concerns....

    Hi, I recently had a leak in a artex ceiling that came back positive for asbestos. 2 years previous we did a lot of work on the house. Before the new carpet was installed we took the old carpet and underlay up. Since my concern over asbestos i have read that some hessian underlay contained...
  9. N

    Elastilon Underlay

    Anyone used this? Would you recommend it? Better yet, has anyone used and can recommend some of the cheaper alternative adhesive underlays?
  10. N

    Smelly Laminate Floor

    We have an ongoing issue with an odour which we believe to be coming from our laminate floor. The floor sits on a ground floor concrete slab. In the past, we had an issue with water ingress and the original floor (engineering board?) was removed and replaced with 10mm laminate once the problem...
  11. S

    What are these??

    Evening all, Probably a stupid question to people in the know but i have hit a brick wall when trying to work out what my floor is made of. Its a 1940's ex council house. What i'm after knowing is: what are these tiles? What is their purpose? Do i need them? I only ask so i don't go taking...
  12. S

    PU underlay or Envirofelt?

    I've read that when it comes to underlay, it's better to spend as much as you can afford as you get what you pay for. From what I've read felt/wool seems to be more suitable to stairs and landings than PU, albeit less bounce. (I've eliminated crumb rubber as I don't want it too firm.) I've...
  13. H

    Thick Underlay for Wooden Flooring

    Hi all, First post on here but this forum has helped me on many occasions with its useful information, advice and of course general banter! I am in the middle of a large house extension and renovation and it seems my builder and the glazing company have got their wires crossed and what I...
  14. C

    Luxury vinyl tile over floorboards (bathroom)

    I'm renovating my bathroom. I've already ordered the new bath, basin, toilet, furniture, etc... Currently the bathroom is carpeted - a pet hate of mine, but that was how it was when we moved in. I've yet to lift the carpet, but under the bath itself are floorboards. I don't want to tile for...
  15. F

    Underfloor heating underlay

    Hi Perhaps someone might be able to assist me pls. I will be putting in underfloor heating in a flat/apartment. The rubble has been cleared from between the joists. Insulation will be put in-between the joists. Then aluminium plates, resting on the joists, but sitting between the joists will...
  16. E

    Underlay advice for laminate flooring

    Hi there, I put down some laminate flooring in my bedroom last year and did such a good job that my other half wants me to do the living room. The floor was completely concrete, so I painted it with damp seal http://www.wickes.co.uk/Polycell-One-Coat-Damp-Seal-500ml/p/227974 and laid this...
  17. P

    Self-adhesive Underlay OR tongue and groove glue. or neither?

    Hi, thanks in advance for your help and advice, I am planning to lay solid oak floor boards in our hallway and lounge (floorboards= 175mm wide and 1200mm long, 16mm thick), and I need to lay them as a floating floor. The pack information says "this flooring can only be floated using a self...
  18. D

    Most suitable underlay for 15mm Engineered Wood

    Hi, I am going to install 15mm engineered wood as a floating floor. The existing sub-floor is t&g suspended floorboards which are reasonably flat (a few boards are slightly cupped). The new floor will be running the same way as the existing floorboards. I'm on the ground floor of a house so...