unvented water cylinder

  1. OneLastHouse

    80s vented system options

    I just moved in a 4 bed 3 bath 80s built house which doesn't look like anything has been done to it since it was built. I have been reading about heating systems and think I have a vented system with regular boiler. There are 2 tanks in the loft which look like a large cold and small header. The...
  2. S

    New flat - how does the heating work?

    I moved into a flat in May this year, can't figure out the heating and hot water system. I've tried the FAQ's and searching but can't find anyone posting a question in exactly the same scenario. The letting agent has been useless. The flat has a Dimplex RXPW4 pilot wire controller in the...
  3. P

    Unvented cylinder with integrated expansion tank

    Hi, we are installing a megalflo type system in a new extension and we can have a cylinder with integrated expansion tank, like the Megaflo brand Sadia. We are going for megaflop cause the property is rather large now. I also think I need an indirect unvented cylinder, not direct. I also...
  4. T

    convert unvented cylinder to heat bank with combi and PV immersion

    Hi All, I've been studying this and other forums for months off and on and putting all the ideas into a do it all system. I am posting my plans for fitting a heat bank to a combi boiler using a converted 300L unvented cylinder for comments / suggestions and probably ridicule. First a bit of...
  5. J

    Electric only flat ... removing water tank and upgrading system.

    Hi All ... First ever post. I have just bought a one bed one bathroom ground floor flat with not a lot going for it in the way of storage. Currently in the hall way there is a cupboard that houses an immersion tank, shower pump and also water tank. The place has no gas so a combi is out of...
  6. G

    Shower pump versus unvented pressurised hot water tank?!

    apparently my new bath mixer tap requires 3-5 bar to work. i fitted it and the cold flows ok(ish), as soon as i even slightly turn to open the hot value the flow is reduced to a dribble, i assume the cold it being sucked back up and the hot pressure is poor? I therefore added a 2 bar shower pump...
  7. Coffee_drinker

    Baxi Megaflo 24HE boiler Central Heating constantly ON

    Baxi Megaflo 24HE boiler Unventend system Danfoss FP715-Si programmer Danfoss manual room thermostat Few months ago switched from Vented to Unvented. All worked perfectly until few days ago. Couple of days ago Central Heating came ON and it stays ever since. Room thermostat is turned down to...
  8. tezzer1000

    unvented cylinder

    HELP I've got a unvented water cylinder, when i start to heat the water up it starts to leak water from the pressure relief valve on the multi bloc, if i turn on the hot water tap it stops. the water continue to heat to 60 degree with out it leaking ???? the vessel is new and so is the...