vaillant 637

  1. thebaldfox

    Vaillant Smart control - are my assumptions correct?

    Just took over a new property that has an EcoTEC pure 637 installed, separate HW cylinder, honeywell Evo home programmer (t6). I'm upgrading and have bought the following items after doing a bit of research and would like to get some confirmation of my assumptions: Purchased: VR71 - I have a...
  2. M

    Replacement Vaillant Controllers

    Wow, how time flies! It's been just over a year since I completed our bathroom refurbishment, which involved adding an additional UFH zone and having to upgrade our Vaillant wiring centre and heating controls. At the time I posted the following to get a view on the VRC 700 controller: Pros &...
  3. S

    Vaillant Hot Water Mode

    I have just bought a house with a Vaillant ecoTec 637. The previous owner had some terrible Honeywell system installed but took all the controllers. So I can’t control the system, and in particular I can’t get the hot water on, no matter what I do. I had previously used a tado system, so I have...
  4. P

    Recommendations for New system boiler in a new house with Evohome

    Hi, I am looking to get a new system boiler installed in a newly built home and looking for recommendations on boilier brands, installers in Surrey. Any help will be gratefully received. Property information: The house is a 5 bed detached property (1 of 5 bedroom in the loft) - newly built...
  5. G

    Overheating and cut off on Vaillant ecoTec plus 637

    Do the noises indicate any apparent problems like trapped air or pump issues? Drained and re-filled system last night to remove any trapped air but no joy as you can see; even if it's just on hot water to only heat the cylinder which is the closest 'radiator' to the boiler (also tried heating...