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  1. A

    Valliant Boiler - Help me troubleshoot pls

    Hi, Have a Valliant EcoTec plus 637 system boiler that is showing no error codes and S.0 (no demand for heat), but it is not heating. Have checked that it is receiving switched 240V heat demand into PCB, so believe it's a boiler issue. Boiler was working fine up until needing to fix small...
  2. G

    Valliant ecotech not re pressurising

    Okay my fault to start with as I started to bleed one radiator yesterday. It's a Valliant ecotech 838 boiler. I think as a consequence it had dropped the pressure in boiler. This morning boiler was auto shut. Investigation shows code F22. I tried the usual top up method but it failed. I...
  3. KeyGreem

    salus t105rf to google nest wiring clarification (vaillant ecotec pro 28)

    Good afternoon everyone. I hoping someone could shed a little light on my current thermostat wiring. 20201116_163322 by KeyGreem posted 16 Nov 2020 at 4:50 PM20201116_161153 by KeyGreem posted 16 Nov 2020 at 4:50 PM As you can see from the first picture I have Live neutral earth coming from the...
  4. H

    Salus RT520TX not working

    Hi All, I have has a new Vaillant Ecotech boiler installed as well a Salus RT520TX receiver and thermostat. Everything has been going fine but I have woken up today with no heating. I have tried to pair the receiver and thermostat by holding down the pairing button which results in one solid...
  5. P

    Replacing Honeywell ST699 with Tado extension kit

    Hi, first time poster with relatively little knowledge of central heating controllers here ! I've got a Honeywell ST699 controller which controls a Valliant ecoTec Plus 831 combi boiler. The Honeywell is left over from when we had our old boiler and a hot water tank. As the Valliant is a...
  6. E

    Valiant Ecotec Plus 837 Central heating stuck on ignoring thermostat

    Hi all, can you help ? Have a Valiant Ecotec Plus 837, the central heating runs all the time ignoring the roomstat. Hot water is fine No error codes When i look at the control panel the RAD picture is visible. When set to on via timer function the heating switches on and off but ignores the...
  7. H

    Vaillant 831 plus plate heat exchanger replacement - how to?

    Have a vaillant ecotec plus 831 Could someone right up a quick how to. E.g.: >turn off cold water > turn off boiler > run hot water taps ........ Please see pictures attached for reference
  8. D

    Extension: Unvented Cylinder: General Advice

    Hi, We are in middle of an extension and would like to take advice or anything specific to watch out for before we start the plumbing for megaflo etc. We will have four shower rooms, 1 in GF and 3 in FF (first floor). The plan was to install a system boiler and unvented cylinder system...