1. R

    Damp patch running length of upstairs bedroom ceiling. Roof issue?

    I've recently has a damp patch appear along the length of a bedroom ceiling by the outside wall (following some bad weather - Peterborough area). A roofing company has come out and recommended the following, but I'm not sure it's right & would appreciate people opinions. They've recommended...
  2. V

    Quite urgent Roofing help please

    Hi, We had a big storm this week and I ended up with water running down from my bathroom ceiling down my wall. Having checked the tiles it appears that one tile along the edge (verge I believe it correct term) has broken and it's directly above the leak, so quite sure it's the issue. I am...
  3. H

    Roofing Standards on current Job

    Hi We’re mid way through our house roof being replaced by roofer I’ve used before but am starting to be a little nervous about some of the standards I’m seeing so far? Firstly they’ve just fitted a small velux and whilst I can see the flashing needs trimming in the valley the tiles on the...
  4. S

    Tidying up extension roof

    Hi All, I'm a new member but a long-time lurker. Normally I research everything but I can't find anything that relates to these two issues, I'm hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction! We're pretty competent DIYers and moved into our 1930s home approximately 2 years...
  5. Rob broom

    Mortar mix for Ridge Tiles and Verge's

    Hi there. Can anyone give me any tips on installing Rounded Ridge tiles to my new build please? I've heard that its better to use sharp sand. Can anyone confirm the mortar mix ratio and any additives? How do you pack underneath the gaps/joins to ensure mortar doesn't drop endlessly onto the...
  6. D

    Alternative to cemented undercloaking (Marley Modern)

    I have to replace the undercloaking, it's shot and falling away. I don't think much of undercloaking mortared to the underside of cantilevered tiles, I have about 3" of overhang. The mortar and undercloaking just seems to have fallen away from the underside of the tiles. Maybe support new...