wall cracks

  1. T

    Wall (Main + Extension) not lining up

    We are in the process of buying a property and this seems to be a problem raised by a surveyor and we would like to resolve it. The extension was built on the main building but the joint bricks do not align. After speaking with a builder been told this is not possible. As bricks are sticking...
  2. Suem999

    Is finlock guttering cracking my walls?

    I have horizontal cracks about a foot below bedroom ceilings, level with top of windows. These run round 3 rooms. There is no damp or condensation. Could this be due to the finlock guttering? 1950s ex council house. Help!! Photos attached.
  3. C

    Wall crack - please help!

    Would be really grateful for any advice on this. So, I moved into a top floor flat in a 1960s flat-roofed block in March. The photos are of a crack in the bedroom. It runs from the window horizontally, along an external wall, then round the corner along the wall with the stairwell. From the...
  4. S

    Please help! Cracks in wall

    Hi I am a new flat owner and am wondering if these cracks in my wall are anything to worry about. I will try to explain the setup in the pictures. I live in a flat in a large old Edwardian building, my flat is on the ground floor but has a needed extension where the sitting room is. The bottom...
  5. Fishwalker

    Advice on cracks to internal plasterwork in house I'm buying after survey please!

    Hi! I wanted to get some more views (from builders if possible but anyone who knows about property construction), on cracks to internal walls of a house we are hoping to buy. Due to lockdown we've been stalled since having a full building survey done back in Feb. And due to the discovery of...
  6. C

    Is this cracking anything to be concerned about