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Please help! Cracks in wall

Discussion in 'Building' started by SEF08, 29 Jan 2021.

  1. SEF08


    29 Jan 2021
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    United Kingdom


    I am a new flat owner and am wondering if these cracks in my wall are anything to worry about. I will try to explain the setup in the pictures.

    I live in a flat in a large old Edwardian building, my flat is on the ground floor but has a needed extension where the sitting room is. The bottom half of the extension is bricks and then top half lighter material (single brick skin with an outside render) so is much lighter than the base. One of the entire walls are also heavy wooden sash windows. I have noticed that a few cracks have appeared in the ceiling / wall and are these anything to be concerned about. I am hoping these are just cosmetic / due to the weather and temperature differences of possibly the movement of the lighter materials. It has been extremely wet lately and very cold. The extension is at least 10 years old and the building is old so has been here for a very long time! Another thing that a few weeks ago there was some very heavy snowfall where a lot of snow fell off the much higher roof above my extension and hit the roof causing the drain pipe to be knocked off with the force, I suppose these could have appeared then as they are very difficult to see in certain lights and I only really noticed them when I had new lighting put in.

    Do these just seem cosmetic or do they look like anything more serious?

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  3. securespark


    11 Jan 2004
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    United Kingdom
    They look very fine to me.

    Have they got wider with time?

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