1. PotterD

    Fireplace backer

    For an older Bis woodburning fireplace I have attached 1/4 hardie backer surround. It is loose against the fireplace sheet metal but secured to studs on both sides. While deciding on tiles, a hairline crack developed over the door of the fireplace. I filled with thinset (mapei ultraflex) and...
  2. P

    Cracks along bay window beam

    Hi folks, removing wallpaper from my bedroom and noticed a number of cracks along what I understand is a Bressumer Beam. The cracks run along the beam itself as well as the walls on either side of the beam. It looks like the previous owner may have attempted to fill the cracks at some point...
  3. M

    Cracked Interior Wall - how severe?

    Looked at a house to buy - after an experts opinion on these cracks (see pics). All around same window. The adjacent exterior brickword doesnt appear to have any cracks. Doesnt move when pressed down. cheers
  4. J

    Re-mortared verge had cracked

    We had our verge mortar replaced one month ago. The roofer took off all the tiles, replaced the under cloak, and then put new mortar down and replaced the tiles. Would anyone have any ideas of what went wrong? The mortar has come away from the under cloak along its full length, and a few...
  5. T

    Cracks around concrete lintel

    Hi all I’m a complete novice looking for some advice after spotting some cracking around a concrete lintel on a dormer bungalow (mid 60s built). Is this something I should be concerned about? Recently spotted it although there’s no telling how long it’s been there. It can be seen both...
  6. N

    Cracks in Upstairs Interior Wall

    Hi, In the process of removing plaster I've uncovered some cracks in the blockwork of one wall (see attached picture). This wall is an upstairs interior wall with no wall directly below it. The house was built in the 50s. Does anybody know what may have cased this cracking and how recent it's...
  7. R

    How should I plaster over this pipe?

    There is a plastic pupe running up the corner of my living room that is chased into the dot and dab wall, it was almost at the surface at the top and caused a big crack. I’ve repaired the crack for now with toupret filler but I’m wondering if there is a stronger method I can use where it is very...
  8. L

    Cracks in bay, lintel repair or settlement?

    I had some replacement PVC windows installed in April this year, and since then we have had a crack appear in the painted over pebbledash underneath the top bay window. I have now noticed just yesterday some new hairline cracks in the interior of the top bay window that are diagonal in nature...
  9. D

    How to repair crack in micromarble fireplace backpanel

    Hi, We have a fireplace around a gas fire and the white micromarble back panel now has a thin crack that starts at the corner of the cutout for the fire and runs for about 15 cms into the back panel. The panel is plain white with only light speckles in it so it's not like the crack is hidden in...
  10. J

    How to stop joint timber from cracking due of temperature change

    I know it may have been the worst job a carpenter has made to my house. Got old stair post clad with 10mm timber and gaps was filled with filler. This keep cracking when season change and temperature in the house rise. Would be good to open the gap between the 2 timber and fill it with...
  11. S

    Possible subsidence?

    Hi all, We have had an offer accepted on a house, but are concerned there is structural damage. The home is a deceased persons home, so their solicitor is acting as executor. There has clearly been previous tests for subsidence, but apparently they have no documentation or reports relating to...
  12. H

    Vertical and Horizontal Cracking in Render

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have any idea what the source of this cracking might be? It's a 1960's house with brick walls at ground floor measuring 300 mm thick, the first floor (front and rear elevation) is rendered and measures around 260mm thick so i'm assuming it's a different walling...
  13. Rageyboy91

    Does this look like movement or plaster cracking?

    Hey, noticed this appear recently wondered if it looks abit dodge? Cheers.
  14. T

    Cracks between the main house and the extension (rear)

    Hello, I am a FTB and offer has been accepted already. During the building survey, the cracks have been mentioned in the report and I am not sure how severe this is and how much this would affect in terms of cost and the structure of the property, safeness, etc. Two storey extension towards the...
  15. B

    Crack in mortar where extension joins house

    Please see attched photos of one side of the extension. The other side is exactly the same. The extension was built 3 years ago and has been fine up until now. I would appreciate any thoughts on potential cause, and what are the next steps.
  16. D

    Conservatory coming away from house bought 3 months ago.

    We bought the house 3 months ago.I only noticed the crack today. Had a home buyers report from a surveyor, nothing mentioned in regards to any issues with the conservatory. Not sure who I should approach on this? Contact the surveyor? Home insurance? Next door neighbour has a conifer tree...
  17. A

    Repair or replace cracked toilet cistern

    I have the following close coupled toilet and the ceramic cistern has cracked. Tenant say it happened by itself. Looking at the crack is this believable or do you guys reckon is due to some accidental or other impact? I understand cisterns can crack over time due to temperature changes or...
  18. S

    Fence post cracking

    I had a fence put in our back garden with a pretty heavy gate, which has most/all of its weight supported by a single fence post. I just noticed the post is starting to split. Is there anything I can do to fix and/or better support this? I'm thinking it's not going to support the gate much...
  19. S

    Crack Repair Help

    Happy Easter all, I am currently redecorating my bathroom and I am trying to repair a crack in the ceiling. I discovered that the crack was due to the board moving and this was due to the original plasterboarder using a ridiculously small piece of scrap timber to increase the joist width and...
  20. K

    Glass crack run - can I fill it with something?

    I have a window with a crack that ran years ago when the wooden frame expanded a little and I had to force the window to close it. It's never run any more and there is no shelling. Is there any fluid/ glue I can put into this to asthetically remove the visual effect of the crack and bond it.