1. V

    Fixing a loose plasterboard

    Hello I'm decorating a bedroom and noticed a crack down the corner of a wall where the plasterboard meets. This would be easy to fix, but the central part on one the boards moves about 2-3mm, so if I fix the crack and someone leans on the wall it will reappear. This an outside wall on a 1968...
  2. I

    Subsidence? Should I worry about these cracks (for a purchase)

    Hi, I've had an offer accepted on an old (1900) terraced property in probate. Spotted a few large cracks over windows at the rear of the house and similar ones in the bay of the front rooms (first and second floor). There is a tree in the neighbors garden fairly close to the back of the house...
  3. C

    Filling hairline crack

    Hi all, I'm trying to fill and paint over a hairline crack in my wall but I'm having an issues whereby however much filler I use, it seems to dry below the level of the surrounding plaster. I assume its shrinkage? I've tried both No Nonsense and EasiFill and both dry the same. Also tried...
  4. D

    Internal Cracking

    A house I am looking to buy has the following cracks (see pictures) one is to the side of a lintel and the other vertical crack is just to the left of the window. They are at top of the stair case and above is a further stair case to a converted loft (approx 30 years old). I have had look...
  5. N

    Helical bar for lintel - 6mm or 8mm?

    Hi, Trying to determine whether I should use 6mm or 8mm bars to create a lintel repair above a patio door. I had thought 8mm, but since read that thicker isn't always better for crack stitching because of flexibility. The house I bought 4 years ago has two cracks at the back, one stepped crack...
  6. bettz1

    Best way to fill a crack in a table

    Looking at ideas in how to fill the crack in our table? We've tried cramps but the top won't move at all Wood filler? We're going to sand and revarnish the top afterwards but worried we'll be left with a noticeable line
  7. F

    Crack above window - damp from old vent?

    Hello all, In the last week a horizontal crack appeared above my kitchen window, moving outwards from a plastic vent cover in the middle. I removed the vent cover and found the cavity to be full of fibre wadding which was quite wet and rotten, so I pulled the immediately accessible stuff out...
  8. M

    Cracks around window, lintel and through mortar

    Hello, Firstly, apologies if what I say doesn't make sense, I am a complete DIY noob. I've noticed some cracks around my south facing windows, it's lintel and up through some mortar. I believe the lintel to be safe, but had a few sleepless nights worrying about these cracks! I've attached...
  9. M

    What Filler to fill in small nail holes in MDF architrave (Polyfilla Vs Gyproc Easi-Fill)

    Hi Guys, I just nail gunned my skirting and architraves around the home and now would like to fill the small holes. I was contemplating using a ready filler such as Polyfilla all-purpose or Gyproc Easi-Fill as I have heard this is just as good. But I worry this is only for use on plaster...
  10. J

    Large cracks in wall and under window

    Sorry not sure where to post but i need a bit of help, ive got a problem with mold in this room which i washed just 3 days ago and this was not there then. Can anyone tell me what this could be? and what needs to be done about it? Or How it could even appear so quickly? (Video not very good)...
  11. Ellbell

    Subsidence or settlement

    Hi, We are trying to buy a 3 bed mid terraced house that was built in the late 1800’s but the rear extension is on its own as the house next door was built later. As it’s an area with lots of subsidence - south London. We only got a valuation completed as we didn’t want to pay £’S for a survey...
  12. L

    Hairline Cracks In Newly Skimmed Ceiling

    Hello I'm wondering whether anyone can give me any advice. We recently (mid/late August) had all of our walls and ceilings downstairs re-skimmed. Since then, a long, straight hairline crack has appeared in the kitchen ceiling. In the dining room, 2 long hairline cracks have appeared running...
  13. bettz1

    Ideal logic 15 Sump Again?

    Hi all woke up today and noticed there was a pool of water underneath the boiler. Not this again we had a cracked sump changed 18 months ago Right just took the cover off and i can't see any hairline cracks around the sump any ideas? You can see where the waters dripping out the condensate trap?
  14. J

    Stair step crack on house looking to buy

    I am looking to buy a house but on the rear on there are quite a few cracks / stair step cracks, pictures attached. I want to get a surveyor or structural engineer to check prior to proceeding but which person would be best? Do you think I should avoid the property as it will cost quite a bit...
  15. A

    Cracking plaster on the inside of external wall

    Hi there, Newish home owner here. Since I moved in 9 months ago I'm hearing the occasional click/tick in the mid morning, a sound which appears to be manifesting itself in cracking plaster (As per photos). This is within a built in cupboard on an upstairs external wall in the middle of the...
  16. D

    Lead code (10m gulley)

    What code and size rolls would this gulley need (approx. 350mm wide at base). I'd like to try and price the lead myself. It's been priced to replace, with a new raised section/step in the middle. They reckon it'll be done in a day. Access to the roof is easy, without need for scaffolding or...
  17. D

    4m horizontal crack in outer leaf (conc.block)

    I was thinking of just digging out and repointing that top cracked mortar course, in 1m stitch lengths so that it's supported throughout the repair. It's about 4m long. I could put in a few vertical helibars along this upper vertical crack to restrain any future movement, what do you think? Or...
  18. D

    Inner leaf vertical crack - what width mesh to use?

    I have a full room height vertical crack in a conc. block inner leaf that I may stitch with helical rods, it has a sand/cement render & skim. What width mesh (expamet) would I put over the crack before new render (and skim)? Presumably this wouldn't need to be stainless mesh as it's not...
  19. D

    Vertical crack above lintel (innner leaf)

    re the right hand black line on the wall drawn over the crack with a thick permanent marker; the lintel below that cracked wall is redundant, the opening that required the lintel is now blocked up but still not rendered (image), there doesn't appear to be a corresponding vertical crack in the...
  20. J

    Cracked plaster beside doorway

    My partner and I have just moved into our new home. We have taken off the old tiles in the bathroom to uncover a crack and would like opinions of how big a problem this is and what people think this is with an idea on what we should do Thanks a lot +++++++++++++++ Moderator's note -...