wall removal

  1. T

    Internal brick wall removal

    Hi, I am looking to remove this non-loadbearing single skin brick wall between the kitchen and dinning room. As you can see from the pictures the wall does not have any joists bearing on it. My main concern is do I have to leave a nib on the external wall side to help support the external...
  2. L

    Load bearing wall removal and foundation checks

    It seems so be a common thing now for the foundation depth to be checked before removing a load bearing wall. We have plans created by an engineer to remove the wall between our kitchen and dining space and need to have the builders check the foundation depth but having contacted several...
  3. N

    Removing section of airing cupboard

    Hello all, Long time lurker and recently new home owner. We are renovating our bathroom and looking to gain some space/square off the bathroom (1st floor). We currently have an airing cupboard that is position halfway into the bathroom, now were looking to remove the section that protrudes...
  4. R

    Would inserting a 152 x 89 x16 ub strengthen this adequately... Advice very much appreciated

    Hi, I understand the need for calculations but also understand the difficulties when the lintel is cast in place? I would like to remove the single brick partition to the left. This is the old pantry. The lintle is holding the side of the house (3 bed semi detached) the pantry is part of a flat...
  5. J

    Rsj bearing help???

    Recently had an rsj installed as dinning wall has been removed. Rsj sits on internal skin on a pass time, but only has 80mm bearing on each side? Will this be okay?? Thanks in advance
  6. T

    Shoddy RSJJ installation problems

    Hi guys, was wondering whether anyone could offer some advise regarding RSJs that our builder has installed. The job was done at breakneck speed and as a result the RSJs weren't level which I challenged builder over. Subsequently, they've decided to try lowering them by 10mm to get them level...
  7. L

    Is this wall load bearing?

    First post so bear with me. We’ve recently moved into this house and have decided we want to knock down the wall that separates the bathroom from the toilet. It’s and ex council house on the end of a terrace. There is no wall below it, in the loft you can see the plastererboard then there is a...
  8. mrmadhat

    Concrete roof - Do I need acrow props?

    I have an outhouse that is currently seperated into 3 seperate spaces (storage/coal cupboard/toilet) it's brick built with a concrete roof. I want to remove the internal walls to create an open space and make use of it in some way. My dad was concerned that it might be load bearing so I asked a...
  9. S

    Lintel on breeze blocks

    I am to open the wall between the kitchen and dining room. The wall is bearing the load of joist of a bedroom above it. There is no other wall above it nor stud wall just the joists. I am looking at installing 2700x100x65 lintel. My question is what is the minimum length on the breeze block...
  10. A

    Asbestos in wall plaster or mastic adhesive?

    Hi all, Recently been aware that there is some asbestos in our artex ceiling that is going to be removed. Since then i have been trying to go through old photos of work that i've done to the house to see if anything could have potentially contained asbestos. So far i've posted about textured...
  11. E

    RSJ Needle advice

    Hi all, I'm planning on putting a 3m RSJ between my ground floor kitchen and dining room and looking for advice on the best way to temporarily support the wall load whilst the beam is installed. The joists in both the kitchen and dining room ceilings run parallel to the wall so the only weight...