water main

  1. G

    Sewer under property and close to water main

    We are close to exchange on a house constructed in the 1930s and the searches indicated that a 225mm foul sewer is within the property boundary running longitudinally underneath the house. There is another sewer at the end of the garden. Search also revealed a water main (in blue, size unknown)...
  2. P

    Converting house into flats, do I need 50mm water pipe?

    Hello, I am converting a house into 11 flats run by electric only. Each flat will have a kitchen and a mini electric boiler to power the sink and the shower. We were told by a plumber that we would require a 50mm diameter supply from the water board, this is quoted at £11,000. We have also...
  3. C

    32mm MDPE - Bury fitting with testing?

    Title was meant to say "bury without testing?" I've got a long 32mm mains water run, 160m, so a join was pretty much inevitable. The pipe is laid in twinwall ducting and this will be the only joint until it reaches its final destination. I've used a Philmac joiner, which I've used before and...
  4. C

    MDPE for internal install?

    1950's Bungalow, on it's original old lead water main. Stop cock is in a cupboard in the middle of the floorplan. I've had a 25mm Blue MDPE pipe brought up to the bungalow ready to replace the old main, it's earmarked for connection in about 6 weeks. Currently the new pipe terminates at a Brass...
  5. denzildexter

    How to connect black water main plastic pipe to 22mm Copper pipe

    Hello Forum, I'm thinking of plumbing in a water softener myself (mainly because no local plumbers want to do the job for a sensible price). I've been advised that it should be connected to 22 mm pipes as I have a combination boiler. The existing pipework is 15 mm. I've an idea of how I want...
  6. G

    Connecting new / replacement supply pipe

    Morning, I am about to replace my water supply pipe with a new stop cock and 25mm MDPE. Thames Water have quoted almost £1K to reconnect to the water main just outside my boundary. Not keen… Can I just connect the new 25mm MDPE pipe to the old lead pipe via a ¾’’ to 25 mm MDPE straight...
  7. M

    Water main upgrade but with small 15mm section inline?

    Hi all, I'm hoping to upgrade my incoming lead water main with 32mm MDPE in an effort to increase the water flow. However, there would be a small section, 1 metre perhaps, where I need to drop it down to 15mm copper before it splits to service cold water outlets around the house, including...
  8. dan smith

    drainage and waterpipe

    Hi everyone, Some help would be much appreciated, I'm wanting to install drainage and cold water into my garage as it's now getting converted into a hair salon, how deep does the drainage need to go? Also can my water pipe run along side my drainage? Thank u
  9. fatmcgav

    Running replacement water main

    Evening all, First time poster, medium term lurker... I'm after some advice on replacing our water main, best way to route it, etc... We live in a 1900 build end-terrace property, which has got a shared lead water main with another 2 properties. I can see the lead pipe connected to a stop-tap...